Hello All,

Long-time meditator, stumbled upon your sub. Joyous to share more background on myself and my own experience with musing if that is warranted – but first wanted to ask for your help.

Recently have come across a spate of guided meditations on youtube that encourage the meditator to create a cavity that reckons a metaphor for your subconscious mind. In the past, I have always ruminated without music or interference if at all possible. However, I accompany great benefit in spending day unionizing my’ internal attention’ through meditation.

In special, I recently came across a particular guided meditation which features a excursion through a passage/ cave with many different chambers. Some of the parts of this jaunt include a consortium near the enter, a passageway with writing on the wall, a sort of trophy room with thoughts typifies and objectives from your personal life, and then, towards the end of the meditation, the passage fulfils some kind of celestial existence, if I recall correctly. I am totally driving myself crazy looking for this specific one – any help is much appreciated!

Also 100% interested in anything similar, or if these types of happening has a name.

Here is an example( regrettably not the one I am looking for though ):( https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= 2kAlgPewWgE& directory =P LzNm0WIMNa 8MyS2LeJ9GdIJKACNP4RTbu)

TL ;D R – Looking for guided musings that encourage the listener to develop their own space, which can serve as a familiar meditation destination. Sort of like a’ dwelling’ for your mind.

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