Misha Green, make of Lovecraft Country, has an idea on how to turn Stephen King’s IT into a Tv present. HBO’s recent horror-fantasy series is based on Matt Ruff’s 2016 diary of the same name. The sequence follows Letitia Lewis( Jurnee Smollett) and Atticus Freeman( Jonathan Majors ), who movement across the United States, encountering the country’s intense racism of the 1950 s and scaring villains. The line received positive assess, but as of writing, Lovecraft Countryseason 2 has yet to be green-lit.

While Lovecraft Country had a limited viewership due to it being on a payment streaming service, most people are much more familiar with King’s IT and the book’s horrifying villain, Pennywise. The 1986 volume is often credited with introducing fright love with one of the scariest clown personas, and unsurprisingly, King’s book has been adapted for both the smaller and projection screen. Tim Curry’s IT mini-series was released in 1990, and Pennywise graced the big screen in 2017 and 2019 when Andy Muschietti’s two IT movies came to theaters. While it’s merely been a year since IT: Period Two was liberated, Green has a plan for another TV show.

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Green recently disclosed her cherish for King’s IT during an interview with THR while discussing a possible Lovecraft Country season 2 and her intent to bring more people of color to the horror genre. When asked about rebooting Cleopatra Jones, Green also expressed interest in adapting King’s IT into a seven-season TV show. Green’s full paraphrase can be read below 😛 TAGEND

“I’m still very much excited about constructing Cleopatra Jones a female Black Bond. But I would love to do a limited series of Stephen King’s It. It’s my favorite novel of all time, but it’s such a thick diary that you need time to sit with every character and genuinely get into their fear. You could do a two-hour movie, but imagine a seven-season It. And something with monsters. We need brand-new vampires.”

As most movie love are aware, various of King’s books have been adapted for movies and TV shows. Most recently, Children of the Cornwas rebooted, which was just released in a few theaters in Florida this week. Many studios have found success with their movies and shows based on King’s work. That being said, if IT were to be adapted again, it probably wouldn’t happen for a while. Muschietti’s films were mostly well-received, and Bill Skarsgard was praised for his edition of Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

However, given the success of Lovecraft Country, an ITTV show could potentially be a made if Green were to be involved. King’s IT is one of his longest journals, coming in at over 1,000 sheets. There is plenty of substance that could be stretched across a Tv serial, between the core group of friends, Pennywise’s backstory, Derry’s strange past, and of course, any innovative decisions Green could decide to throw in. In short, it may be too soon to adapt King’s IT again, but the idea is sure to excite horror fans.

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