The Mandalorian is exploring new storeys outside the Skywalker Saga, ultimately returning back the very heart of the Star Wars Expanded Universe in a way that that fabric has all along deserved. The rebranding of that library of storeys – among them some of the best Star Wars narrations and personas of all – delegitimized them unfairly and Disney returning to that font of imagination is an provoked move that can make the Star Wars universe bigger.

Initially, of course, the EU included hundreds of tales fleshing out the vastness of the Star Wars universe and diving deeper into people and story constituents that the movies did not have time to cover. When the sequel trilogy went into development, Lucasfilm severed its canonical ties with the Expanded Universe, rebranding them as Star Wars Legends. This may have cut away interesting stories, but in market calls, it refocused canon on the Skywalkers and their biggest looming threats, which realized ability for a company propagandizing a brand, but it was reductive. Now, though, The Mandalorian is reusing some of the EU’s best storylines and adapting them to fit the drift scheme of the Child to great effect.

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The Mandalorian has already probed into Legend territory, such as revealing that Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc pit( though not solely how hitherto ). Such was his popularity that fans had long hoped that Fett could reenter canon as he did in Legends, and the picture ultimately extradited with Din Djarin’s return to Tatooine on the trail of others of his manner. The plan of the second season has also expanded the worldbuilding in brand-new directions, like developing the Tusken Raiders into a full culture, in the same way that the EU did. Eventually, The Mandalorian doesn’t have the same narrow focus as the movies, and that allows the show to slowly reintroduce the best elements of Legends without sacrificing focus on the larger plot.

The timeline of the Disney+ serial between the original and sequel trilogies obligates it a perfect vehicle for Expanded Universe floors. Its proximity to the events of Return of the Jedi leaves office for the Legends’ aged follow-up fibs to the inferred aim of the Star Wars streak, but still sets up sequel aspects like the First Order that are coming in the near future. The EU’s diverse branch plotlines determined it a obligation for the continuing development of the Skywalker Saga, but The Mandalorian mixes just enough bridging area for the movies to let a few of the EU’s more seducing limbs grow from it.

Although The Mandalorian is enveloping same sand to the Expanded Universe, the show’s version of happenings is likely to look significantly different from Legends. The Tale explanation of Boba Fett’s escape from the Sarlacc, for example, involved him discovering a telepathic connection with the Sarlacc’s first victim while in the belly of the beast, which would be a difficult story to move to the screen. Fundamentally, while the see may be taking clues from the EU, the story will stray in different directions to fit the cinematic mode and this is no longer a bad thing. Similarly, Moff Gideon’s Dark Trooper army describes from Star Wars Tale, but The Mandalorian’s version is set to take the Dark Troopers in a brand-new and more canon-relevant direction. And that’s the crux of the petition: though Din Djarin’s journey will create many opportunities to revive EU plotlines, they won’t only be a rehashing of the same stories.

The Mandalorian may be the beginnings of a new age for Star Wars, on an swelling, rambling canvas on which to tell the post-Empire falsehoods of populations and sits outside the trajectory of the Skywalkers. It’s the natural successor to the Expanded Universe that had the same wide-ranging worldbuilding at heart and the coming to EU story cherry-picking lastly presents some is beneficial for manufacturing the EU non-canonical in the first place. And given the success of the series, The Mandalorian may soon be observed by other EU-adjacent evidences like a Boba Fett spin-off that could start filming soon. The Expanded Universe is gone from canon, but its tales can still live on and Din Djarin and Baby Yoda have shown the way.

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