Warning: includes spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man # 850!

Peter Parker goes by with a little help from The Beatles in The Amazing Spider-Man # 850. The web-slinger’s anniversary issue presents books with Spider-Man’s final battle against the malevolent Sin-Eater. Spidey’s longtime nemesis, the Green Goblin, even attaches pushes with the protagonist to deliver an action-packed story. Nick Spencer tells a captivate fable with help from masters Ryan Ottley, Humberto Ramos, and Mark Bagley. For readers looking forward to more act, however, there are an additional three floors at the end of the book, one of which contains several not-so-subtle remarks to the Fab Four.

Musicians are no strangers to the comic book industry. Master arraying from Jim Croce to Childish Gambino to the Barenaked Ladies have at some level invoked superheroes in their music. Some musicians have even gone the chance to become a part of comic book history by appearing in narratives and even writing them. Eminem once swept the Punisher, the band KISS performed in their own comic book series, and Gerard Way of the band My Chemical Romance generated The Umbrella Academy. Being one of the most popular bands in record, The Beatles have appeared in numerous comic book panels over the years, and even today, Spider-Man is enjoying their greatest hits.

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The short story “All You Need Is…” by writer Kurt Busiek and artist Chris Bachalo opens up with Peter Parker following his boss, J. Jonah Jameson, into the Metropolitan Museum of Art to make photos at a brand-new exhibit. As they enroll, a young lady specified Judy comings Peter, commendations his headphones, and asks what he is listening to. Peter mentions that he is listening to “some vintage stuff” and lists off two Beatles sungs, Nowhere Man and I’m A Loser. This leads to the two having a conversation referencing various more Beatles vocals. Unfortunately, as they talk, J. Jonah Jameson touches the fragment on display, a ruby called the Star of Capistan, and unknowingly releases the rogue, Red Rajah, from captivity.

The Red Rajah dominates Jameson and attempts to take over the rest of humanity to form one collective consciousness. Everyone in the museum is almost instantaneously absorbed into this federated memory, except for Spider-Man. Thanks to a bit of tampering, Spidey’s headphones radiate a “discordant subsonic squeal” that maintains him from being possessed. The wall-crawler outpourings into action, listening to The Beatles and crusading ravenous strawberry beings created by the Red Rajah in the Strawberry Fields monumental. Spider-Man abruptly procures himself devastated and was well known that he won’t be able to fight his way out of this battle. Luckily, the words playing through his head give him a great idea and he cuddles Jameson while wailing about agreement and adoration. This antagonizes Jameson, whose hatred for Spider-Man purposes up being powerful enough to break him from the Red Rajah’s sway. Having saved the day, Spidey decides to get the ruby into the better-suited pass of Doctor Strange and swings apart as Jameson squeals about the Spider-Menace.

The story is a short one, but it’s certainly fun accompanying the crazy quantity of Beatles citations that Busiek is able to toss in. The band’s music remains vastly favourite and continues to spread a positive word to listeners. The Amazing Spider-Man # 850 had indicated that John, Paul, George, and Ringo’s music is potent in more roads than one and, thankfully, Spider-Man is a fan. Who knows what would’ve happened if Spidey had been headbanging to fatality metal?

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