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From Oscar( r) -winning writer-director James L. Brooks( As Good As It Gets ), Spanglish whizs Paz Vega as Flor, a Mexican woman with a 12 -year-old daughter, Cristina( Shelbie Bruce ), who becomes the housekeeper for an affluent but disturbed clas. John Clasky( Adam Sandler) is a cordial father-god and husband as well as the cook and owned of an up-and-coming restaurant, while spouse Deborah( Tea Leoni) has only just been lost her place and her feelings of insecurity are threatening their marriage. When the Claskys rent a summer house in Malibu that is unreachable by bus and Flor and Cristina are forced to move in, the result is a wittily shrewd crash of cultures and significances, and a refreshingly honest look at such life-altering commitments as wedding, parenting and devotion to family.

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