With Artificial Intelligence( AI) becoming increasingly ubiquitous in lifesciences, it should come as no surprise that it represents a crucial part in the field of biotechnology. Today, it is a given that any entrant to the space will have AI abilities. And data has been the oil that is driving this conversion.

To recognise the impact that smart-alecky engineerings such as AI, Blockchain, Robotics, etc. have had in biotechnology, the final day of The Bangalore Tech Summit 2020 saw many trailblazers in the space being recognised at The Smart Bio Awards, given by the Department of IT BT, and S& T, Government of Karnataka. The winners were biotechnology houses that just goes to show dynamic lead and saw stand-out contributions in their select fields of biotech. It also recognised organisations in the government “whos been” concluded significant contributions subsidizing existing engineerings, nurturing innovative ideas and product development.

The presence of world-class bio-incubators and programmes like Elevate Idea2Poc and Karnataka Startup Advancement Programme BIO 50( KSAP Bio5 0) has supported many of these startups in their initial years by providing the much-needed scientific infrastructure, funding, and mentorship, thereby increasing the number of bio-startups escaping the so-called ” Valley of Death “.

Further, Dr. CN Ashwath Narayan, Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, was indicated that his government will leave no stone unturned in constituting Bengaluru a world biotech hub.

Dr. EV Ramana Reddy, Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Department of Electronics, IT BT and S& T connected the Honorable Deputy Chief Minister in congratulating all the winners of the SmartBio Awards and chose them many more awards in the future.

This year, the honors were awarded in five categories.

Startup of the Year

Winner: Fibroheal Woundcare Private Limited

Fibroheal is a healthcare biotech startup that has developed biomaterial-based wound mending commodities. They contain bio-active silk protein in the form of fibroin and asiaticoside, which heals wound faster and with shortened disfigure organisation. It is suitable to treat all types of wounds.

Innovator of the Year

Winner: Nibedit Dey, Founder& CEO of Ibrum Technologies

A multi-disciplinary engineer and artistic technologist with a background in biomedical engineering, embedded organisation, and BioDesign, his busines is developing a romance point-of-care pneumonia screening device for primary care healthcare customers to screen children with early evidences of pneumonia without contributing any added diagnostic burden to their guardians. The manoeuvre aims to drastically reduce the number of deaths caused by pediatric pneumonia.

Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

Winner: Kavitha Iyer Rodrigues, Co-Founder& CEO of Zumutor Biologics Private Limited

A well-known name in the biotech parish, she is being recognised for her entrepreneurial acumen and leadership aspects. She is passionate about preparing new global benchmarks through Zumutor biologics firm, which is developing novel immune-oncotherapeutics leveraging a proprietary antibody engineering platform to harness the body’s immune method to generate antibodies against cancerous tumors.

Best produce against COVID-1 9

Winner: ShanMukha Invention Private Limited

ShanMukha is a company with a splendid vision to bring the diagnostic laboratory to the tests through the translation of technologies developed at the lab into products and solutions for the Indian market. The busines has developed Mobile Infection Testing and Reporting( MITR) Labs to create a unique end-to-end RT-PCR testing infrastructure. MITR Labs accommodates a compact, safe, compliant and cost-effective mobile lab answer for COVID-1 9 and other infectious disease diagnostic tests. These are 100 percentage safe and fully equipped molecular diagnostic laboratories that reduce turnaround times for RT-PCR tests.

Best Social Enterprise/ Institute


JALODBUST is an organisation working on the problems of manual scavenging and exposure of sanitation craftsmen to disease, chore, and social discrimination. JALODBUST( tm) is safe in operation and is an easy-to- handle-and-maintain system that supersedes the physical handled in fecal sludge with a one-man-operated system. JALODBUST SaniPreneur vacates and transportation the set/ thickened sludge in the septic tanks and leach-pits through mixed activity of attrition, strife and suction through a smart control panel, spectacle and an IoT dashboard.

The Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister praised all the champions and said that he was sure the bestow would induce them to set the bar high for other inventors and dominance India to have more global companionships in years to come.

Edited by Megha Reddy

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