If you’re like me, and cooking doesn’t precisely come naturally to you — even with the help of a super easy-to-use slow-cooker and cookbook — you’re likely well aware that following recipes’ step-by-step instructions and taking OCD-level precaution to measure out ingredients correctly are absolutely necessary in the purpose of applying not destroying dinner. I certainly wish that I was one of those culinary innovatives that magically seem to be able to exactly “wing it” in the kitchen, imparting recipes with their own signature twist and tweaking ingredients to cater to particular dietary restrictions. Unfortunately, however, I am simply not knack enough to risk the end result with experimentation. Fortunately, slow-cookers have often been moderately user-friendly -even if you’re not exactly an expert chef. They’re also essentially a life-saver for busy professionals and mamas( at least for those with a more advanced skill set in the kitchen) because you can toss in the ingredients, run out the door and come home to a home-cooked meal.

Like most things in modern-day, it’s super easy to find recipes on your phone, whether you have an app, follow along on foodie Instagram reports, or scour YouTube for follow-along lessons, or compute favourites to your Pinterest cards for later note. However, unless you’re watching on a smart TV, cooking, and roasting while trying to keep up with the instructions from a minuscule screen isn’t an easy task, constituting the appeal of a simple, good old-fashioned cookbook seem more like a sensible solution rather than an outdated coming. Not merely do you run the risk of your lock screen popping up every five minutes, but it’s also really chaotic. No one wants to inadvertently slather sauce and other creepy ingredients over their telephone screen and luxe phone case. Yuck.

So, whether you’re a newbie to the world of slow-cooking( or cooking, in general) or are well-versed, but carried of your current rotation of recipes you found online, these extensive cookbooks will help you re-invent your cook programme.

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