The first night of BUKU Music+ Arts Festival objective last-place light with headlining actions from Lana Del Rey, RL Grime, Claude Von Stroke, and others — but the indicate didn’t objective when the commemoration let loose. Over at Republic, From First To Last was throwing down a hard define as they reunited with onetime frontman Skrillex for the first time in two years.

From First To Last reunited for their first show in over a decade at Emo Nite LA two years ago, so the feeling last-place night definitely carried some load with it. Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex, went up close and personal with the crowd as he screamed and and caused nostalgia in hundreds.

The band played a DJ set earlier in the day at the central festival, but this late nighttime depict was more intimate and exclusive, and tickets immediately sold out after it was announced. Watch a good parcel of the mount below.

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