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The tiny island nation of Singapore is known for its indulgence inns, scarcity of crime and( in the travel world) the city-state’s eponymous airline offering incredible premium-class posteriors and work. It’s too residence to the best airfield in the world, according to Skytrax.

While entry has principally been limited to citizens and permanent residents since the beginnings of the pandemic, Singapore will reopen to citizens citizens of adopt countries — including the U.S. — on Oct. 19, 2021. There will be strict vaccination requirements to enter, but granted you meeting with members, you can enter Singapore and enjoy all the country has to offer without quarantine.

That said, see Singapore isn’t cheap. It has a strong regional currency and most goods need to be imported, leading to high prices on daily outlays for travelers. On top of that, a very limited number of flights in and out of the country mean airline tickets aren’t cheap. But you don’t have to break the bank to inspect Singapore — instead, use your points and miles to offset the cost of flights, and you’ll have more funds to spend abroad. Here’s how to do it.

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Let’s start with some nuts and bolts. This analysis will focus entirely on flights differing the U.S ., organized by airline program and service class. I’ll also foreground how to accrue places or miles beyond wandering, including our best credit cards for airlines and/ or transferable point currencies. Finally, all apportion proportions below are at the saver tier and apply to round-trip tickets, though I’ve observed which curricula allow for one-way awardings and which don’t.

As ever, award availability can varies considerably, especially when it comes to premium cabins. This is where a due work like ExpertFlyer( owned by TPG’s parent company, Red Ventures) comes into play, as it allows you to set alertings for your desired flights on your standard dates. This means no more endless manual pursuings as you book your trip.

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Singapore Airline KrisFlyer Singapore’s incredible A380 Suites class is only available through the KrisFlyer program.( Photo by The Points Guy)

The first option for getting to Singapore is on Singapore Airlines. The KrisFlyer curriculum has separate award plots for flights on Singapore Airline versus its Star Alliance marriages. Charges from the East Coast are slightly higher than from the Western coast, so it’s important to make sure you’re looking at the chasten saving table.

Here are the round-trip rates for saver gives from the U.S. to Singapore 😛 TAGEND

Economy: 76,000 miles (8 0,000 miles from Houston( IAH) or the East Coast) Premium Economy: 136,000 miles( 146,000 miles) Business: 190,000 miles( 198,000 miles) First: 260,000 miles( 264,000 miles)

Generally speaking, Singapore’s premium cabins are only made available to KrisFlyer and Alaska Airline Mileage Plan representatives. So even though the honor charges may seem steep, it’s one of your alone alternatives. You likewise have the ability to waitlist for these saver awards if they aren’t first available, which is a nice feature that few other airlines offer.

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The round-trip charges for spouse accolades are higher and typically precipitate above those found through other curricula 😛 TAGEND

Economy: 110,000 miles Business: 211,000 miles First: 297,000 miles

The majority of these flights will carry negligible taxation and fees — generally less than $100 per person. In addition, you can book one-way flights for half the miles listed below on both Singapore Airlines and its Star Alliance partners.

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Earning KrisFlyer miles

Even though Singapore’s partner award chart isn’t as advantageous as some other Star Alliance carriers, it does have one major charm characteristic. The KrisFlyer program spouses with all of its most important transferable currencies: American Express Membership Rewards, Capital One miles, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou Rewards and Marriott Bonvoy. As a decision, you can transfer points from cards like The Platinum Card( r) from American Express, the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Citi Premier( r) Card instantly to Singapore to enable these redemptions.

United Airlines MileagePlus United flies its 787 -9 Dreamliner to Singapore from San Francisco( SFO ).( Photo by The Points Guy)

Low carrier surcharges on partner gift tickets meet United’s MileagePlus program a good alternative for flying to Singapore within the Star Alliance genealogy. Regrettably, the program has pulled its Star Alliance marriage gift show and now works rather dynamic pricing for bestow tickets. Nevertheless, if you’re lucky, you may still be able to find gifts at rates lower than those charged through the KrisFlyer program.

Here’s the minimum number of miles you should expect to redeem for round-trip award tickets from the U.S. to Singapore based on the now-extinct award maps 😛 TAGEND

Economy: 80,000 miles (8 8,000 miles for spouse flights) Business: 180,000 miles( 198,000 miles for spouse flights)

Unfortunately, payment economy awards are pricing out at inordinate the different levels of 140,000 miles each route right now, and first-class gifts on spouses are non-existent through the end of schedule. While you can find partner business-class availability, award tickets in Polaris on United’s own flights are not emerging for the moment, either.

United renders nonstop flights to Singapore from San Francisco( SFO) — resuming in January 2022 according to the current schedule — and saver-level award availability on these flights is pretty decent. Besides Singapore Airline, you are eligible to fly spouses like EVA through Taipei( TPE) or ANA through Tokyo( NRT/ HND ).

If you’re feeling adventurous, you were able to even try to build in a free one-way flight expending United’s Excursionist Perk. But again, given the dynamic pricing scheme, be sure to compare the award charges with other marriage programs to make sure you’re not redeeming more miles for the same flights.

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Earning United miles

The MileagePlus program collaborators with Chase Ultimate Rewards and Marriott Bonvoy, so those transferable spot currencies represent one method to boost your United miles symmetry. You had been able to open a cobranded credit cards like the United Explorer Card, which are now being offers 40,000 bonus miles when you are invest $2,000 on purchases in the first three months of report opening.

Alternatively, there’s the United Quest Card, which is offering 80,000 bonus miles after you spend $5,000 on obtains in the first three months your account is open. These placards can also unlock enhanced economy award availability on United-operated flights, expanding your options for getting to Singapore even further.

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ANA Mileage Club

Another option for Star Alliance flights to Singapore is to redeem miles through ANA’s Mileage Club program. Unfortunately, this is also the most complicated since the carrier not only employs different honor graphs for flights on its own metal versus spouses, it also introduces seasonality into the mix for its own flights. You can get the full dollop on ANA’s international flight bestows page.

Here are the award frequencies for round-trip AN-Aoperated flights from the U.S. to Singapore, expressed as a range from Low to High season 😛 TAGEND

Economy: 55,000 -7 0,000 miles Premium economy: 84,000 -9 9,000 miles Business: 100,000 -1 15,000 miles First: 195,000 -2 10,000 miles

For partner allotments, there’s no seasonality but there is a separate bestow map 😛 TAGEND

Economy: 80,000 miles Business: 136,000 miles First: 240,000 miles

As noted above, ANA and the other Star Alliance carriers that fly to Singapore all enforce minimum taxes and costs. You won’t need to spend a ton of extra cash for these honors. However, the biggest issue with ANA is that you can’t book one-way awards. As a outcome, you’ll need to find availability on both the outbound and the return to finalize your reserve. Otherwise, you have to redeem through another program.

Earning ANA miles

ANA marriages with both Amex Membership Rewards and Marriott Bonvoy, so you’re readily able to transfer points to Mileage Club. ANA also has a cobranded credit cards in the U.S ., the ANA Card U.S.A ., but it isn’t particularly useful and has a very low welcome bonus.

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Alaska Airline Mileage Plan

A terrific way to book give flights to Singapore outside of the Star Alliance is through Alaska’s Mileage Plan program. This currency is always near the top of TPG’s monthly valuations, primarily due to its diverse partners and low-spirited apportion charges. Plus, you get a free stopover on one-way allotments, which can help you stretch your miles further.

The program is a bit confounding, given the separate award shows for these partners, but there are two in particular that present enforcing cost propositions: Cathay Pacific and Japan Airline. Further , not all Singapore award space is bookable with Alaska miles.

Here are the award charges for round-trip flights from the U.S. to Singapore on Cathay Pacific 😛 TAGEND

Economy: 60,000 miles Premium Economy: 70,000 miles Business: 100,000 miles First: 140,000 miles

Unfortunately, Cathay Pacific is one of the only carriers that doesn’t expose allotment opening on Alaska’s website. I’d recommend exercising either the American Airline or Qantas search engines to find award infinite first and then calling Alaska to book.

Meanwhile, you can book Japan Airlines apportions online. The paces for flights to Singapore on JAL are higher than on Cathay Pacific 😛 TAGEND

Economy: 80,000 miles Business: 130,000 miles First: 150,000 miles

Although Alaska is now a part of the Oneworld alliance, you still have the ability to redeem miles on Star Alliance member Singapore Airline flights. The recovery frequencies are much higher than with Cathay Pacific and JAL, though.

Economy: 95,000 miles Business: 200,000 miles First: 260,000 miles

What concludes the majority of members of these frequencies more attractive is that Alaska countenances a stopover on one-way, international accolade tickets, so you could spend some time in Hong Kong or Tokyo en route to and from Singapore. Just bear in mind that you can’t combine collaborators on a single award ticket — you are unable tag on connecting Alaska flights within the U.S.

Japan Airlines award on Alaska Airlines website( Screenshot politenes of alaskaair.com)

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Earning Alaska miles

The Mileage Plan program only collaborators with Marriott Bonvoy for displaces, which restrictions your alternatives. Nonetheless, you could open the Alaska Airline Visa Signature( r) credit cards, which is currently offering 50,000 bonus miles plus Alaska’s Famous Companion Fare from $ 121 ($ 99 charge plus taxes and costs from only $22) after spend $2,000 in obtains within the first 90 epoches of account opening. The carrier also is known for frequent bonuses on bought miles, to enable you to top up your report or even straight-up “purchase” the above atonements for very reasonable rates.

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American Airline AAdvantage

Another way to book Cathay Pacific and Japan Airline gives to Singapore is through the American Airlines AAdvantage curriculum. Flights for both airlines is likely to be booked online and come with low-grade taxation and fees.

Here are the award frequencies for round-trip awards operates in Cathay Pacific and Japan Airline 😛 TAGEND

Economy: 75,000 miles Premium economy: 100,000 miles Business: 140,000 miles First: 220,000 miles

Giving American miles

Like Alaska, American only partners with Marriott Bonvoy. However, American Airlines offers lots of cobranded cards, which make it easy to boost your symmetry quickly.

For example, the mid-tier Citi( r)/ AAdvantage( r) Platinum Select( r) World Elite Mastercard( r ) is currently offering a welcome bonus of 50, 000 miles after you spend $2,500 on acquisitions the first three months of history opening. There are also lots of opportunities to buy miles for cheap.

The information for the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard has been collected independently by The Points Guy. The poster detailed information on this sheet have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.

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Cathay Pacific Asia Miles

If you just wanted to book Cathay Pacific working your Amex Membership Rewards, Capital One or Citi ThankYou spots, you could do so directly through the airline’s own Asia Miles program. The platform premiums accolades based on distance and whether you’re flying exclusively on Cathay Pacific, one marriage or multiple marriage airlines.

Here’s an estimate of how much a round-trip award exclusively on Cathay Pacific could cost you from New York-JFK 😛 TAGEND

Economy: 84,000 miles Premium economy: 120,000 miles Business: 170,000 miles First: 250,000 miles

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(Photo by Wallace Cotton/The Points Guy)( Photo by Wallace Cotton/ The Points Guy) Earning Cathay Pacific miles

As mentioned above, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles is a change marriage of American Express Membership Rewards, Capital One, Citi ThankYou and Marriott Bonvoy. As a make, you can transfer phases from many different travel credit cards to open these redemptions.

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Delta SkyMiles

For SkyTeam flyers, the easiest option would be to fly Korean Air booked through Delta SkyMiles. While Delta’s award costs vary significantly for its own flights, marriage atonements have a relatively fixed exchange rate and tend to cost little. As you’re going to see, it’s also easy to accumulate Delta SkyMiles. The only downside is that Delta significantly increased partner award paces in early 2021.

Here are the award paces for round-trip partner gifts to Singapore. Unfortunately, it is not feasible to to exchange SkyMiles for Korean Air first-class. Here are paces we’ve been seeing lately.

Economy: 135,000 miles Business: 330,000 miles

Also, bearing in mind that Delta began upcharging spouse awards booked closer to departure. On some dates, you may find cheaper tours when the transpacific segment is operated by Delta, or you could find higher ones depending on the availability of connecting domestic gives on Delta.

LAX SIN round-trip SkyMiles award( Screenshot generosity of delta.com)

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(Photo by Nick Ellis/The Points Guy)( Photo by Nick Ellis/ The Points Guy) Earning Delta miles

There are a variety of ways to earn Delta miles. You could pick up an American Express Membership Rewards-earning poster like The Platinum Card( r) from American Express or the American Express( r) Gold Card and displace points to Delta instant at a 1:1 ratio.

Delta also offers various cobranded credit cards that make it easy to boost your SkyMiles balance, such as the Delta SkyMiles( r) Gold American Express Card and the Delta SkyMiles( r) Reserve American Express Card.

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The best currencies to use

Here’s a quick summary table of the most wonderful monies for booking apportion flights to Singapore, keeping in mind the aforementioned round-trip restriction of booking through ANA. Of course, this chart only applies to the actual award rates. For instance, if you’re swimming in Ultimate Rewards stages but have zero placards that accrue Membership Rewards tops and few Marriott Bonvoy details, you’re likely restricted to booking through United or Singapore Airline, even though they are the ANA Mileage Club program blames a lower frequency for the accolade ticket.

Airline Economy Premium Economy Business First

Singapore Airlines Book through Singapore KrisFlyer from West Coast; book through Singapore KrisFlyer, United or ANA from other U.S. gateways Book through Singapore KrisFlyer Book through Singapore KrisFlyer Book through Singapore KrisFlyer

United Airline Book through United or ANA Book through United Book through ANA N/A ANA Book through ANA Book through ANA Book through ANA Book through ANA

All other Star Alliance carriers Book through United or ANA N/A Book through ANA Book through ANA

Cathay Pacific Book through Alaska Mileage Plan Book through Alaska Mileage Plan Book through Alaska Mileage Plan Book through Alaska Mileage Plan

Japan Airlines Book through Alaska Mileage Plan Book through Alaska Mileage Plan Book through Alaska Mileage Plan Book through Alaska Mileage Plan

All other Oneworld carriers Book through American AAdvantage Book through American AAdvantage Book through American AAdvantage Book through American AAdvantage

All Skyteam carriers Book through Delta SkyMiles Book through Delta SkyMiles Book through Delta SkyMiles Book through Delta SkyMiles

Maximize your acquire

When paying the taxes and costs on your honor ticket, be sure to use a credit card that pays bonus places on airfare purchases and offers travel defences if anything goes wrong. Some good options include the Chase Sapphire Reserve or the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, which both earn bonus Chase Ultimate Rewards phases on all hasten expenses.

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Bottom way

The Singapore-based movie Crazy Rich Asians improved worldwide interest in Singapore, though the city-state was already a phenomenal destination to visit. As “youre seeing”, you have a variety of options for redeeming your hard-earned parts and miles to get there for( virtually) free. There are also lots of points-friendly inns you could stay at for little to nothing out of pocket, such as the Andaz Singapore and the St. Regis Singapore.

While this isn’t an careful schedule, I hope this analysis has highlighted some possibilities if you’re planning a trip-up to the island once it reopens.

Additional reporting by Nick Ewen and Andrew Kunesh.

Featured image by Agent Wolf/ Shutterstock.com.

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