Actor Albert Brooks returns to The Simpsons this Sunday for the first time in six years. The longest-running scripted program in TV history, The Simpsons was recently refurbished for its 33 rd and 34 th seasons. Over its drain, the enlivened sitcom is regularly supplemented its sizable primary assign with big-name guest whizs, Brooks among them.

Variety reports that Albert Brooks( Drive, Finding Nemo) will return to The Simpsons for this Sunday’s incident, “Yokel Hero.” Credited as “Slick Manager, ” Brooks depicts a member of the “United Parasites Management Company” who attempts to sign and exploit local redneck Cletus Spuckler after he becomes a singing wizard. Eliminating Brooks’ film role as primary foe Russ Cargill in The Simpsons Movie, “Yokel Hero” will celebrate his eighth video image for the show.

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Brooks has been one of The Simpsons most popular guest singers throughout its extended, having represented quintessential people such as Hank Scorpio and Brad Goodman. His history with the demo goes back to its first season when he expressed an RV salesman in “The Call of the Simpsons” and Jacques, a French bowling manager who to make efforts to hypnotize Marge in “Life on the Fast Lane.” Brooks most recently loomed as bully-whisperer Dr. Raufbold in 2015 ‘s “Bull-E.”

While the show’s best days are certainly behind it, fetching back such a familiar and beloved expression could cater a comforting dose of nostalgia, much like Glenn Close’s reprisal of Homer’s mother Mona did in 2018 ‘s “Forgive and Regret.” Fans of The Simpsons will have to wait and see if Brooks’ recent character proves to be as memorable as his classic turns on the demo where reference is returns this Sunday.

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Source: Variety

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