Shawn Levy Says He & Hugh Jackman Talk Often About 'Real Steel' Sequel Possibilities

A Real Steel sequel continued to happen!

Shawn Levy opened up about the possibilities during a recent interrogation and opened up about how he and perform Hugh Jackman actually talk about this very often.

Real Steel midsts on a struggling fighter-turned-promoter( Jackman ), who reconnects with his estranged son to convert an old-generation robot into a mighty Nature Robot Boxing contender.

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Shawn noted that the 2011 movie gained more popularity when it affect Netflix last year during the course of its pandemic.

” It is amazing how streaming gives people an opportunity to rediscover[ things ]… when Real Steel was on Netflix in 2020, and it was in the top trending titles, it really showed us,’ Oh wait a second, that audience is still there, and maybe we are able to even originate it’ ,” Shawn told CinemaBlend.

He added that” Hugh and I have unquestionably, we have seen each other recently, and I’m not gonna lie and “re saying it” didn’t come up .”

It’s actually been brought up a lot, too.

” It is remarkable how regularly this question gets asked. It had died, and while it’s not in active proliferation right now, these are the kind of aches that Hugh and I are feeling more intensely and might need to scratch ,” Shawn says.

He includes,” What’s been interesting is we’re approaching ten years since Real Steel came out, the follower kindnes has not waned. And it’s been this constant reminder to Hugh and I that,’ Oh wait a second, that movie “ve got something” special in it. And maybe we should revisit those reputations in that world’. So anything’s possible .”

The film gained more love after another similar sounding movie was announced.

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