Simu Liu has told love to “stop asking” if he’ll be appearing in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Liu, who performances the MCU’s Shang-Chi, has been significantly rumored to appear in Multiverse of Madness, the second installment in the Doctor Strange series. Shang-Chi is the best martial artist in the Marvel universe and acquired The Ten Rings, potent foreigner engineering from the Makluans, at the end of his solo film.

Shang-Chi conclude with Wong having try out Shang-Chi and Katy. With the Sorcerer Supreme interested in him and The Ten Rings, Liu’s involvement with the upcoming Doctor Strange film apparently became more likely. Unlike other recent Marvel jobs like Spider-Man: No Way Home, which watched many major reveals prior to the release of the film, info exhausted to the public about Doctor Strange 2 has been stopped very minimal. The lack of information has therefore resulted in numerous supporters questioning what surprises, such as a Shang-Chi appearance, Marvel may be trying to keep up their sleeves.

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In a recent berth, Liu queried followers to “please stop asking me if I’ll be in Doctor Strange.” In the actor’s New Year post, where he described 2021 as “the most incredible year of “peoples lives”, ” Liu told love that “I candidly do not know how much more clear I can be.” Despite his disfavour at often being asked if Shang-Chi would appear in Doctor Strange 2, the actor indicated things off lightheartedly, telling his devotees that they were the “best fans ever.” A screenshot of his Instagram story can be seen below 😛 TAGEND

Liu has had to deny claims of his involvement numerous times in recent months, telling interviewers that he would not be making an appearance. Multiverse of Madness already includes a star-studded line-up, with Rachel McAdams returning as Christine Palmer, Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch, and a new addition to the MCU, America Chavez played by Xochitl Gomez, amongst other. Given the wide range of courages set to turn up in Doctor Strange 2, an form from Liu as Shang-Chi would not be out of place.

Though this application may prevent Liu from being asked about this in the future, it’s unlikely that it’ll stop rumors and discussions amongst devotees. Many actors have had to deny involvement in MCU campaigns only to have them turn up in the end, so even if Shang-Chi was going to be a part of Multiverse of Madness, it’s very unlikely that Liu would be able to tell anybody if the appearance was supposed to be a surprise. Although it’s fun to theorize, fans will probably have to wait until Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness liberates to find out whether Shang-Chi will be a part of it.

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