Set photos from the Sex and the City reboot divulge Bridget Moynahan’s return as Mr. Big’s ex-wife, Natasha. Located on Candace Bushnell’s bestselling novel, Sex and the City initially premiered on HBO in 1998 and ran away for six seasons. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon performed in lead roles as Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. The series followed the lives of these best friends in their mid-3 0s as they juggled occupations, intrigue, and affection in New York City. The series’ bold glamor and refreshing fun saw it a global success, spawning two feature films in 2008 and 2010.

And Just Like That … will serve as a continuation of the girls’ story and makes plaza a decade after the last movie. All original guide stars will be returning except for Cattrall, who dallied the seductive publicist Samantha Jones. The 10 -episode limited sequences is currently in production and is likely to be streamed on HBO Max. Other original cast members who will reprise their characters include Willie Garson as Carrie’s best friend, Evan Handler as Charlotte’s husband Harry, and David Eigenberg as Miranda’s husband Steve. Chris Noth, who represented Carrie’s Mr. Big in the original streak and movies, is also part of the revival.

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While much of the details circumventing And Just Like That … are being kept under wraps, seeped named photos point to interesting evidences about its plan. On Monday, actress Bridget Moynahan was discerned filming for the Sex and the City reboot, EW approves. Moynahan had a recurring role in the original HBO series as Natasha, Mr. Big’s sophisticated young spouse during the second and third seasons. Footage shared by fan Gregory Littley shows the 50 -year-old actress smiling as she moved around New York’s SoHo neighborhood in between takes.

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Moynahan’s presence on the provide of And Just Like That is enough to cause a provoke among witness. For one, HBO has not officially announced the actress’ involvement in the upcoming series. Secondly, Carrie had a conflicted relationship with Natasha during Sex and the City’s original flee. It can be remembered that Mr. Big and Natasha were still married when he and Carrie got into an ill-fated romance back in season 3. Natasha discovered their affair and in a striking hostility, tossed down the stairs and chipped her tooth. Carrie later apologized to Natasha, who icily scorned her sincere gesture.

Things are obviously starting to get exciting for the long-awaited Sex and the City sequel. While it’s unclear how Moynahan’s entry to the reboot will play out, it is loaded with plotting possibilities. Has Natasha finally sewed things with Carrie after so many years, or is she out to get justice for her catastrophic dental place? Is everything okay with Carrie and Big’s marriage? The last epoch observers witnessed the two, they were living their best life-times as husband and wife. It’s been more than 10 times, and the capability pair should have been able smacked a few roadblocks in their wedding along the way. Supporter may have to wait a few more months, but everything will be disclosed formerly And Just Like That … debuts on HBO Max.

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Source: EW, Gregory Littley

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