This is a collection of sexual education resources for parents of people with intellectual and/ or developmental disabilities.

Many thanks to Katherine McLaughlin of Elevatus Training.

The free pdf is available for download at the end of this post. Amazon links are affiliate- if you buy something from them, Amazon gives me a insignificant percentage of the profit; you do not pay more, Jeff Bezos just get less. Thank you- it goes to help support this site.

I think sex education is one of the scariest things for us parents of people who have intellectual and/ or developmental disabilities. Like all mothers, many of us probably have apprehension about our teenagers growing up, point blank. But then when you included intellectual and/ or developmental disability on to that, AND the creepy statistics of sexual abuse and academic/ developmental disorders, and it’s even scarier. I don’t condemned anyone for wanting to bury their foreman in the sand- that’s my opted plaza, more!

But our intelligences in the beach won’t hinder our adolescents safe; knowledge and education will.

Let’s learn what we need to be aware of, how to talk to our kids about virility, and learn where to be considered in for more education and training.

Online Virtual Course on Sexuality Education

I interviewed Katherine McLaughlin of Elevatus Training after I procured them online. I was impressed by the quality of exertion that she does, her disorder “with-it-ness.”

The program that she has created is stellar, and it’s online now for us mothers. She also courses for beings with scholastic/ developmental disorders, and there are self-advocate run trends as well.

I cannot recommend these highly fairly 😛 TAGEND

Talking with Your Kids: Sexuality and Developmental Disability. Katherine McLaughlin, 2017

All routes from Elevatus are attached here:

Books on Sex Ed and Intellectual and/ or Developmental Disability

Books are always a great way to ease into communications or normalize things, right? We do that a lot of over in my house. I like these volumes- most of which were recommended by Katherine McLaughlin- because they lead the range from picture-book explaining to full text. They are disorder appropriate and use simpler language( notice a duo from Dave Hinsgsburger, whom I featured quite a few years ago ?!)

The Book List 😛 TAGEND

Teaching Children with Down Syndrome about Their Figure, Boundaries, and Sexuality. Terri Couwenhoven. Woodbine House. 2007

The Boy’s Guide to Growing Up: Hand-pickeds and Alters During Puberty. Terri Couwenhoven. Woodbine House. 2012

The Girl’s Guide to Growing up: Picks and Deepens During the Tween Years. Terri Couwenhoven. Woodbine House. 2012

Boyfriends and Lovers: A Guide to Dating for People with Disability, Terri Couwenhoven. Woodbine House. 2015

I Openers: Parents Ask Questions About Sexuality and Children with Developmental Disabilities. Dave Hingsburger. Family Support Institute Press. 1993

Sexuality: Your Lads and Daughters with Intellectual Disabilities. Karen Melberg Schwier and David Hingsburger.

Just Say Know: Understanding and Reducing the Risk of Sexual Victimization of People with Developmental Disability. Dave Hingsburger. Diverse city Press, Inc. 1995

It’s So Amazing. Robie Harris, Candlewick Press, 1999

It’s Perfectly Normal. Robie Harris, Candlewick press, 1994

Changing Bodies, Changing Lives. Ruth Bell, Three Rivers Press, 1998


Katherine McLaughlin gave me a few cases more websites but they have unfortunately come out of commission. It would be nice to have or well known more resources, so if you heard of any, would you satisfy association in the comments? Thanks.

Sexuality Resource Center for Mothers:

Planned Parenthood:

Advocates for Youth:


The only one in this section is really the only one we need: it’s the series that was produced by Rooted in Rights, by and for people with academic and developmental disabilities about copulation, sexuality and sex-safety.

It’s brilliant, gorgeously crafted- I love the pigments! Check it out below 😛 TAGEND

Sex Ed Series by and for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities– compounding multi-video and connection aid and interrogation with the person whose brainchild it was

Articles& Resources

Plain Language Guide for Sexual Education: http :// wp-content/ uploads/ 2019/10/ 9-30-19-NCIL-Sex-Ed-Easy-Read-Discussion-Guide. pdf

GULP! Newsletter: Talking with Your Young and Grown Children with I/ DD

https :// wp-content/ uploads/ 2018/12/ GULPNewlsletter.pdf

Articles, reserve, free information on Elevatus Training 😛 TAGEND

https :// resources-2/ helpful-articles /

Download These Riches

All of these are available to download in a free pdf, linked in the button below.

Download the Sex Ed Assets

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