If you’re starting to feel like The Dude( is this a…what epoch is it ?) we’re happy to tell you it’s the weekend. Get the most out of yours with a junket to The Burke Museum during their reopening weekend. Kids and parents will also affection: taking a virtual dance class, tallying agreements at a huge neighborhood garage sale and building the perfect house…for bugs.

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Carpool to the cinema Pile the kids in the car and brain to Phinney Center to watch 42, a biopic about Jackie Robinson, the first color contestant to play in the majors. Fri. Event items.

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Snag a cope At the annual PhinneyWood Garage Sale. You’ll find plenty of kid stuff at this community-wide sale. Sat. Event items.

Dance the day apart Put on your dancing shoes then tune in with your tots for Creative Ballet with Miss Laura. Fri. Event items.

Be festive Fall Fests are in full swing at Seattle area farms, and more are opening this weekend. In fact, Friday celebrates opening address at the Carpintino Brother’s Pumpkin Patch and at family-owned Carleton Farms. Then on Saturday it’s all systems go at The Farm at Swans’ Trail. You knows where to find pumpkins, explore corn mazes and get your fall on at all three!

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Build a flaw home Come imperfections in your garden-variety? Learn about them and build a special dwelling for them too at this nature-focused class. Sat. Event items.

Exercise your mentality Whether you’re looking for an engineering class to supplement distance learning or want to get a kit that’ll keep your preschooler busy and learning, we’ve get local faves that let you do time that.

Celebrate the watershed This livestream platform is all about aircrafts, discipline, music and the fantastic slews of the Nisqually Watershed outside of Olympia. Sat. Event details.

Be fort-astic! When was the last time you improved a stronghold with the girls? Find inspiration and thoughts here and get hectic building.

Go fish! The salmon are off and racing for the season! And even though you won’t be able to see them at the Locks, you can still find the perfect place to watch them streamside.

–Allison Sutcliffe

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