Holiday shopping is in full swing and while online acquires continue to thrive, streets are packed again with more beings calling places IRL than last year. Another thing thriving this month are CPMs, historically the highest in November and December. In case you need a refresher, “CPM” is short for overhead per mille( 1,000) intuitions, and measures the revenue of a single ad division. High CPMs, matched with high-volume search activity meet now the excellent epoch for publisher material. Remain focused on updating transcend performers from last year, and publishing new content on the following table tends that are applicable for your website.

Here is a collective roll of December top-performing topics, gathered from traffic data across our total structure( including our is operated owneds like and ), as well as published data from Google Trends and Pinterest Insights. Now is the time to bulk up your editorial calendar, reporting all the seasonal topics you know your readers will adoration.

1. Entertainment

Classic Christmas movies Holiday rom-coms Classic Christmas TV moments Family Christmas movies Cool Christmas/ festivity music Christmas music Period Christmas movies Christmas Day movie secretes

2. Holiday Sales

Bath& Body Works candles Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday Gift guides Sephora holiday sale Anthropology marketings Amazon sales Best toy sales Zara sales 3. Beauty& Fashion

Holiday style directions

Outfits for anniversary gatherings Holiday outfits for men

Winter surface caution chore Celebration hammer artwork motifs Wool shells for men Winter boots for men/ dames Red anniversary ends Holiday jumpsuits Winter date night organizations Puffy wintertime hairs Winter wedding dresses Stylish winter hems DIY ugly sweaters Matching household pajamas Adult onesies Holiday party clothes Winter loots Sequin garments Easy anniversary updos

4. Food& Recipes

Cinnamon rollers Instant toilet cup rib Potato soup Creamy mashed potatoes Homemade frosting Bacon appetizers Slow cooker anniversary cocktails Slow cooker festivity desserts Peppermint Ginger Christmas rum cake Prime rib Mac and cheese recipes Chicken tortilla soup Sizzling chocolate/ sizzling apple cider recipes Pie recipes- apple, chocolate, pecan, pumpkin Baileys imbibe recipes Eggnog Smoked salmon recipes How to cook duck tits Squash( cooked, spaghetti, butternut) Candied orange peel DIY caramel sauce Hanukkah meat habits Christmas/holiday dinner recipes Vegan/vegetarian place bowls Bourbon whiskey meatballs Tamale recipes Air fryer recipes

5. Lifestyle

Best holiday excerpts How to keep your puppy/ babies protected over the holidays Best celebration placards Holiday vacation ends Christmas mad libs Family Christmas photo hypothesis Holiday party games White elephant offering opinions Ways to volunteer

6. Home& Decor

Holiday decoration themes Tree embellishing tips Preparing for mansion patrons Wrapping paper DIY embroideries Wreaths Outdoor lamps& Christmas showings Eco-friendly Christmas sunlights Snow globes DIY tree toppers Minimalist home decor trends

7. Health& Wellness

How to stay well in winter How to beat the winter blues Suicide prevention/ How to care for beings experiencing sadness Natural ways to stay health in the winter Winter wellness terminals Winter wellness getaways Wellness rituals for winter

8. Parenting

Toy for girls( by age group or gender is a common highway consumers exploration) Eco-friendly drapes, dolls Experiential endowments Gifts for educators Christmas/holiday dresses DIY endowments for their children to attain Warm robes for kids Holiday coloring pages Volunteer opportunities for boys Teaching babies gratitude Elf on the Shelf projects Christmas/holiday crafts Christmas/holiday printables Hanukkah facts/ endows/ revel Homemade gift intuitions

And one last-place tip-off: Don’t forget to look at your top performers from last November and December. Instead of publishing a brand new piece of content on the same angle, update last year’s instead. Make sure to improve it for the user with fresh personas, new associates, new produces, fresh content, and then update the date to this year.

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