GitHub has announced a brand-new integration with Jira that will enable software squads to connect system on GitHub to programmes in Jira Software Cloud. The associated works prove diverges, commit senses, and pull entreaties in the context of Jira tickets that the teams are working on. It also enables users to contemplate notes to Jira in GitHub and pull entreaties, which removes the need to substitution between the two applications.

“From planning and coding through deployment and setting impact–this integration furnishes a more seamless event, ” GitHub wrote in a post.

.NET Core 3.0 and. NET Framework 4.8 updates Microsoft has released informs to. NET Core 3.0 and the. NET Framework 4.8.. Net Core 3.0 computes several features that the. NET Framework developer community solicited, such as side-by-side accounts that is compatible with WinForms and WPF and the capacity required to embed. NET instantly into an application.

.NET Framework 4.8 supplements pieces such as modern browser and modern media powers, access to touch and UWP dominances, and high DPI improvements.

Google propels Kotlin portal for Google Cloud Google has launched a Kotlin portal that will make it easier to find resources related to the language on Google Cloud. The corporation has also appointed the Kotlin Foundation in collaboration with JetBrains. The Foot will help ensure that Kotlin advances rapidly and persists free and open.

“2 018 has been a big time for Kotlin, as its own language continues to gain support and pay the ardour of makes. In knowledge, 27% of the top 1000 Android apps on Google Play once use Kotlin, ” James Lau, concoction administrator for Android, wrote in a post. “More importantly, Android makes are cherishing its own language with over 97% atonement in our most recent cross-examine. It’s no surprise that Kotlin was elected as the# 2 most-loved communication in the 2018 StackOverflow survey.”

Amazon acquaints skill associates for Alexa Amazon has announced skill ties-in for Alexa, enabling customers to use a skill’s functionality in other sciences. Harmonizing to the company, purchasers will not have to cite the other skills to achieve this, and developers will merely need to move minimal code changes.

The five types of connections currently available in the developer preview are Print < Image >, Print , Print < WebPage >, Schedule < FoodEstablishmentReservation >, and Schedule < TaxiReservation >.

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