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A school has induced every little kid’s nightmare is true and stopped leaving its students homework because of the stress it causes.

Littletown Primary Academy in Devon has stopped applying all its pupils ‘homework ‘, except for the unlucky spirits in Year Six, and is instead questioning the their children to spend their experience reading.

The scheme will run for the whole school year and headteacher David Perkins claimed the school reached the decision following consultation with personnel, parents and the kids.

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The Midweek Herald reports that study has shown weekly written maths and English homework have little benefit because of the stress it induces families.

Instead the school is recommending that pupils waste 20 times reading every evening, which they claim can have gigantic assistances on a pupil’s outcomes and opportunities.

Mr Perkins explained that reading for 20 minutes a day can make a big change to a child’s education adding that the school is growing funds to improve its library.


Literacy subject master Cathy Binmore told the Midweek Herald:

Reading is the foundation that underpins all other learning.

Promoting a adoration of this will place our children up for a life of adventure and plot and will enable them to continue learning throughout their lives.

The school’s also recommending that children practise their days tables as well, as contemplates have shown that this is the best maths homework kids of this age can do.

Research conducted at Stanford University and published in The Journal of Experimental Education suggested that students who expend too much epoch on homework experience more stress and physical health problems.

Doctor Denise Pope, who had participated in the study said 😛 TAGEND

Our receives on the results of the homework challenge the usual assumption that homework is inherently good.

A separate contemplate, too conducted at Stanford, found that when educators trimmed homework from school curricula experiment orchestrates were unaffected advocating homework isn’t all that.

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