Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 2, the sequel to the film adaptation of Alvin Schwartz’s series of children’s records, will include even more content from its source substance. Schwartz’s picture journals, be made available in the 80 s with instances from Stephen Gammell, are classics in the niche genre of children’s horror alongside R. L. Stine’s better known Goosebumps series. While the Scary Stories film adaptation composed a uniquely unsettling audiovisual experience, numerous recollect the books so vividly because of the ghoulish attractions that accompanied the sheets. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark was adapted into a movie released after 2019 with Guillermo del Toro as agricultural producers and story developer.

The movie cords together a few narratives from each of the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books in a semi-anthology style that inserts different boogeymen of Schwartz’s invention into one feature-length narrative. The mini-plots are connected under the umbrella premise that a group of three friends get trapped in a recurred house and find a diary of unnerving narratives that come to life in the real world. The fibs were written by a girl called Sarah Bellows, who committed suicide inside the house. Over the course of the movie, members of the group live out horrifying new stories as they appear in the book. Although the movie was rated PG-1 3, it received principally positive inspects due to an inventive explain of information entail for boys that managed to produce some genuinely panicking instants nonetheless.

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Discussing the make with Collider‘s Witching Hour podcast, head Andre Ovredal explains that the sequel will do more than go through the motions of perpetrating more narrations to the screen. Ovredal explains that the artistic squad will use Gammell’s original sketches as inspiration for the repugnances to come in the second installment, saying, “I learned so much better on Scary Stories, but likewise about Scary Stories, and I do think that we’ll tap even more into Gammell’s visual world in the sequel than we done so in the first movie.”

Considering the more ghoulish-looking demons were some of the scariest parts of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, a sequel that further develops Gammell’s visual frights promises to be even more traumatizing. Del Toro and the screenwriters chose the Toe Monster, Harold the Scarecrow, the Jangly Man, and the Pale Lady as the first movies’ main beings. With over 80 narratives from the original records, the filmmakers behind Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 2 have spate of villains to choose from for the sequel.

Although del Toro is only producing and developing the story for this project, his aesthetic sensibilities certainly feel present in the first movie. Gammell’s drawing style also feels reminiscent of del Toro movies like Pan’s Labyrinth and The Shape of Water, so having him involved will no doubt benefit the sequel. The first movie did well enough to warrant a sequel, so it’s a good signed that the imaginative crew behind Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 2 is again relying on the source material rather than trying to create new monsters.

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