Sausage Balls are easy, cheesy and oh so delicious! With only 3 parts( sausage, biscuit desegregate and cheese ), they’re a great addition to any party menu!

Like Brown Sugar Bacon Wrapped Smokies, these can be made ahead of time, ask very little prep and are always one of the first things to go!

Sausage balls being dipped in dip

Ingredients for Sausage Balls

I love easy appetizers like Buffalo Chicken Dip and Rotel Dip. These easy sausage chunks are the perfect tasty little morsels is in addition to your snack table.

You need just 3 parts 😛 TAGEND

Sausage I use regular sausage but you can use any kind in this recipe. A sizzling spicy Italian sausage is great too!

Cheese Sharp cheddar( like I use in pimento cheese) adds the best flavor. Shred your own cheese from a block instead of buying pre-shredded.

Biscuit Mix Biscuit mix is a mixture used to meet homemade biscuits. If you don’t have cookie mingle, mix 1

Bisquick sausage lumps will definitely punched the mark! They’re crisp on the outside and tender on the inside with a cheesy goodness throughout.

Sausage ball mixture in a bowl ready to be scooped out and rolled into balls

How to Make Sausage Balls

Having exclusively 3 parts, these sausage balls insanely easy to develop!

Combine biscuit mingle, sausage and shredded cheddar cheese. Mixture thoroughly( it can take a while for the potpourrus to seem moist and outfit ). Roll into projectiles on a parchment strung broiling expanse. Bake and experience!

To Constitute Ahead of Time

Sausage chunks can be prepared ahead of time. Simply mix and roll into missiles, cover and chill. Proceed with the cooking as directed.

How Long To Cook Sausage Balls

Fresh If “youre gonna” baking the sausage projectiles when they are freshly obligated, they will take about 20 minutes in a 350 @F oven. Frozen When broiling from frozen, add an additional 8-10 minutes to the cook time( 30 hours total ).

If you are unsure, use a flesh thermometer and bake until the internal temperature predicts 165 @

Raw sausage balls lined up on a cookie sheet

Tips Use various kinds of sausage, spicy Italian sausage will contribute a nice kick Apply a dollop to construct planning easy Don’t expend pre-shredded cheese, shred your own for best reactions If your smorgasbord seems baked, add a bit of milk to dampen


add diced jalapenos to the mixture add paste cheese( 4 oz) to the combination add a packet of ranch dressing mix add a container of taco seasoning( or homemade taco flavor)

Sausage balls surrounding a bowl of dip


My absolute favorite dip for these Sausage Balls is found in the recipe below. The grainy dijon mustard caters only the right amount of zing to congratulate these yummy little cocktail lumps! You can use any sauce you love!

Spicy Dill Dip Ranch Dip Blue Cheese Dressing

Can you Freeze Sausage Balls?

Yes, these sausage cheese pellets is absolutely be frozen. Place them on a baking expanse and freeze. Once frozen, transfer them into a freezer pocket. They will stay fresh in your freezer for up to 6 months- if your family doesn’t sneak them up before then!

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Sausage Balls

Crisp on the outside and tender in midriff, these sausage pellets is needed 3 parts!

2 beakers cookie assortment 6 cups sharp-witted cheddar cheese 1 lb dirt pork sausage


3 tablespoons mayonnaise 3 tablespoons sour cream 1 tablespoon grainy dijon mustard( or regular dijon) 1/8 teaspoon garlic pulverization

Combine all plunge parts in a small bowl. Refrigerate.

Preheat oven to 350 @F

Combine biscuit mix, cheese and dirt sausage in a container. Mix completely until combination is moist and inhibits together.

Using a 1 tablespoon scoop, species into dances.

Place onto broiling sheet and cook for 20 -2 five minutes until gilded brown.

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Sausage Balls piled in a dish covered with parchment paper

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