Bentley’s recent programme, a bespoke Flying Spur, has been commissioned by an unlikely, yet life notorious, client: Santa Claus.

Called the’ Reindeer Eight’ and customized by the automaker’s Mulliner division, it is finished in Cricket Bauble, a peculiar canopy based on the Cricket Ball, joined by the gold accents and a special pattern applied to the sides, while the 22 -inch golden motors, with a diamond finish, that come straight-out from Mulliner are shod in all-season tires.

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The Flying B mascot has been replaced by a 3D etched reindeer adornment, and in lieu of the V8 badges on the breast fenders, Bentley Mulliner has added the’ Reindeer Eight’ logo to highlight the engine, a twin-turbo 4.0 -liter V8 that spouts out 542 HP( 550 PS/ 405 kW) and 568 lb-ft( 770 Nm) of torque. The mill projectiles the Flying Spur to 60 mph( 96 km/ h) in 4.0 seconds and up to a 198 mph( 319 km/ h) top speed.

The festive theme continues in the hut, which was specified in Cricket Bauble with hand cross-stitching. The customer’s name is embellished into the driver’s seat and the missus’ name can be found on the breast passenger fanny. Other foregrounds include the Grand Black veneer that displays a wintertime light panorama at the North pole, while the door posters illustrate the end of the night’s journey of 41 million miles( 66 million km ). The delightful and risque directory is integrated into the navigation system.

“What amusing it is to ride in a 542 -horsepower sleigh. Plus, there’s space in the back for all my subsidiary Clauses”, Santa said. “I’m looking forward to putting 41 -million miles on the clock before the end of the year.”

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