Push to roll out injections may receive elderly miss out on effective coronavirus inoculations

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Scientists have warned that early adopted in a Covid vaccine with only moderate effectiveness could interrupt efforts to test and compose improved copies. Immunising against the disease is not going to be a simple business of turning off the virus once the first inoculation performs, they say. In fact, there could be great confusion as researchers struggle to pinpoint the best forms for different vulnerable populations, such as the elderly.

“The inoculations coming through fastest are the most experimental. It is possible they won’t be all that great and that others- created through more tried-and-tested but slower approaches- might be better, ” said Professor Adam Finn of Bristol University. “But to prove that point will become very difficult if lots of individuals have already been given the first inoculation. It will need vast numbers of people to demonstrate which is best or if a different inoculation is more suitable for particular groups, like the elderly.”

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