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Ariel Winter, an actress … there was a 131-car pileup due to snowy conditions in Milwaukee over the weekend, and one person died … most important thing you’ll read this month: How ditching your telephone for 48 hours can help your intelligence … pretty neat photo of Amy Adams moving at the Vanity Fair Oscar defendant … good look at the most “average” proves on broadcast Tv as it pertains to TV ratings …” California man cleared of doubled assassination after 40 times in prison get $21 M” … millennials truly want a” Lettuce Deal” which is a consider “youre supposed to” should read about …” Banks fixed record gains last year thanks to the Republican tax chips” … this’ gigantic’ bee that hasn’t been received since 1981 is back, at least in the Indonesian islands … boy did New York screw up the Amazon arrival, read this letter

How to bet on the NFL Combine; just how wide open is the National title race, and potting on the Lakers to stimulate the playoffs. It’s all deadly.[ Coming Up Winners]

Mike Bibby earned a 4th straight State title at Shadow Mountain high school in Arizona, but he has also been accused of carnal abuse by a teacher at the school.[ Republic]

Jim Boeheim’s son is examining it from the resisting supporters on the road. He time chuckles it off.[ Syracuse.com]

Not sure I believe that Maryland and Wisconsin are tied for the 6th best football listings in the Big 10, and Iowa is 7th. Instructing matters, and the recruiting works do miss.[ Athlon Sports]

Embarrassing exertion from FSU, sleepwalking for 34 instants against Notre Dame before gathering away for a 7-point prevail in which they did not cover the spread.[ Democrat]

DeAndre Ayton can say he charities defense all he demands, but having him in myth, I’m watching him more than I should. He’s obviously got a lot to learn.[ CBS Sport]

” You Make Apps Sensitive Personal Information. Then They Tell Facebook .” This is egregious.[ WSJ]

If you’re out here representing the “Green Book” acquiring the Oscar, well, read this. Then surpasses it on.[ Shadow and Act]

Kansas with a strong bounce-back win over Kansas State. You knew they’d get revenge.[ KC Star]

Watch CJ McCollum establish 7-of-8 three-pointers in a win over the Cavs.

I’d never heard of this movie even though the trailer has 22 million views. Meet it on the plane back from Hawaii. Not a bad flick to watch with your kids.

Yes, I still watch the border situation from Sicario every few months. It’s just so good.

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