this videos for licensed and improved HVAC technicians merely do not attempt any of these procedures on your own call the professionals hey guys it’s Eddie I wanna shoot you another quick-witted little video I have a question today about to hurried air conditioners so rather than try to answer it I figured time to quick video on it open the show you today is the pressure differences between high-pitched theatre and low-toned stage vtu gaps airflow differences the wattage the amp selects the hole to them it’s going to measure everything then I’ll write it all out on paper and we’ll compare the two that lane you can see when you’re working on to theatre air conditioners what you can expect all right so let’s get started tennety stair for my check out mode so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go down here to check out go down here to see some cooling for I’m sorry I’m trying to pose my children I’m going to go nearly set up 15 still for 20 minutes each and what’s going to happen is my high stagecoach cool is going to come on my breeze overflow is going to adjust and I can get some readouts here static influence and yadda yadda so alright so let me get back outside to the outdoor unit and we’ll determine and record what the high-pitched stagecoach is doing now it’s running in high-pitched stage I’ve got a hundred and twenty seven pounds over 371 privilege at about eight resuit feet 10 units set cool it’s roughly probably about 80 grades or so out here right now 51 units positions thoughts decides on lubricant temperatures 44 Banting temperatures 111 so this is run in past age move ahead and print this out first thing we want to get is my boats I’m setting right off my contactor 240 votes in my hands 11 amps and my spouses 2600 right 2680 this is on high stage here’s my rear delts CFM 2050 135 thousand BTU my airflow of my thermostat says it’s eleven hundred CFM and what I exactly set was right here’s a thousand fifty so it’s off 50 CFM so it’s not that bad it’s a minute you’re going to hear my compressor kick off after a little bit that’s going to kick back on at that time it will be in hole stage all right guys compressor exactly kicked off its gonna stay off precisely a few seconds all right chaps firstly we just knocked back in that’s going spill low-grade stagecoach now we are now in low-pitched theatre you’re going to notice my pressure that 141 316 my route temperatures are 57 and 95 my super he’s eight siblings nearly four and my coldnes temperature indoors forty-nine outdoor for temperatures 95 I’m sorry 99 so let me record these go downstairs and amount for the BTU airflow and I’m likewise assessing spray to the motor I’ll be right back so here’s my voltage it actually went up I am now exerting 240 1.8 volts I am proceeding five amps I am squandering 1190 watts live hunt 92 formerly alright chaps again I’ve got the printout from the test all 435 I assessed on my airflow my temperatures I got the pressures of my from 570 s so everything’s recorded and that gonna start off with my suction on low-spirited race it was running at 138 pounds on high-speed I was flowing at 27 pounds my indoor curl and low-pitched rate was at 48 magnitudes high-speed wind or cold 43 stages my suction text temperature on low-grade fast was 55 high speed was 51 super heat was seven magnitudes my voltage outdoor legions to 41 my amps 5.26 and “ve given me” 1192 watts now I go over here to my removal starts my posterior back low-toned fast I was at 312 high speed of the 372 my outdoor scroll temperature on low-toned moves 98 111 on high speed my flying temperature was 96 versus 109 over 100 spot 9 my sub: 2.7 this is why it’s really important that you exclusively bill your air conditioner in high speed do not charge your air conditioner on low-spirited race you’re going to overcharge it I’m a voltage of to 40 amps 11 so it’s pointing to 2680 alright so let’s start off at the end or this is on low-spirited quicken at 680 CFM I was 15,000 BTUs my return temperature of 74 grades my committee is 53% my rain bulb is 63/ 63 afford was 55 magnitudes humidity 90% moisture bulb is 54 grades my blower Watts was 80 all right this is on my house my CFM was a thousand 51 my BTU is thirty 5 000 three hundred returned 74 degrees radiated is fifty three humid bub 63 my supply was 54 degrees mid 80 79% dry but 51 severities my blower Watts was 180 if you look at my this is my BTU and my lowest low-toned hurry my total watch was 1272 and my EE R evaluate was 14 now over here on my high speed my BTUs was thirty-five thousand three hundred my total watch was twenty eight sixty and my EE R was twelve so we led from a appraise of fourteen to the value of twelve between loads blown huh that’s one thing I do want to add on these blower motors if you notice these wattage such is variable velocity blowers on low-pitched rate these things are running it at 80 Watts you know in other words that’s using the same sea as a 80 watt light bulb using the same power this one uses 180 watts which is lower than 200 watt light bulb so these blower motors are really efficient but no these are the totals I hope it helps you out and we’ll see you on the next video
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