Risk of Rain 2 is receiving even more added content in 2021, including a big free anniversary modernize and a compensate expansion toward the end of the year. The sport left Early Access and launched in full back in August after a brief delay. Since then, most of the updates have been bug secures and other adolescent reforms. The biggest addition came back in November with the launch of the Sundered Grove stage.

Risk of Rain 2 is a third-person shooter action roguelike and a follow-up to the massively successful Risk of Rain, which instead took the form of a 2D platformer. Countless were originally skeptical of the change in perspective, but Risk of Rain 2 not only managed to improve upon the foundation laid by the firstly game, but established based as one of the most wonderful roguelikes to come out in years. On Steam, video games currently maintains a review average of “overwhelmingly positive.”

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In an update posted to that same Steam page, developer Hopoo Games offered insight on what was going on at the studio and what future content participates have to look forward to. The studio began by detailing adds-on to its crew, which double-faced in size from three to six hires. The make continued by providing a 2021 roadmap. The roadmap contains a free “Anniversary Update” scheduled for launch in March 2021 and a paying stretch propelling in the last quarter of the year. The Anniversary Update will contain a brand-new survivor, brand-new boss, brand-new parts, and other adds-on with the goals and targets of “upgrading and rounding out the game as a whole.”

The first stretch for Risk of Rain 2 is expected to be around two to three material informs in length, much bigger than the already massive material revise it received on launch. It will contain brand-new survivors, leaders, adversaries, places, parts, affairs, and even an entirely new game mode. There will likewise be brand-new music and an alternate final stage and joining boss. No expenditure has been provided more, but the team describes it as the “biggest infusion of new content” that the game has ever received. The deed “Expansion #1” also implies that more are planned.

The studio has not been posting too much lately, so having a roadmap to set promises is fantastic news for fans. Numerous consider Risk of Rain 2 to be one of the most wonderful roguelikes secreted this year, up there with titles like Hades, so having that locate expanded on with even more content might be enough to keep that momentum going into the new time. It has been a solid year for supporters of such roguelikes and it will be interesting to see what 2021 has to offer.

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Risk of Rain 2 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Source: Hopoo Games

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