Recently we did a review of the ring doorbell camera, which is a video bell that supplants your traditional buzzer and enables you to see and interact with someone at your entrance. While the Ring doorbell cam was a great innovation at the time of its liberate, recently it has been overshadowed by rising bell cameras from other fellowships. More recent reviews of the Ring Doorbell camera would target it more in the middle of the battalion as more and more challengers come out with more effective adaptions of the concept.


Ring has liberated a new type of security camera “ve called the” Ring Stick Up Cam, but we’re wondering if this too is a Ring product destined to lie in the middle of the multitude. One of the biggest issues with the Ring doorbell camera is the lag time between action spotting and log. It has a predisposition to fully miss someone stepping up to the door, which kind of overthrows the purpose. They also tend to freeze and there are accusations that the company will accuse a user’s router or network for the questions when it is clearly at the least partly caused by the camera.

Our hope is that this new camera will show that Ring has hammered out these issues and is going to have a whole new text of immense concoctions that are top of the line in the future. Sadly we have found that, in most cases, these cameras are just as thwarting as the Ring doorbell cameras when is comparable to other certificate cameras at the same premium range.

Ring Stick Up Cam Pros

Before we get into all of the drawbacks of the stick up cam, let’s look at some of its advantages. This camera does do a few things very well and isn’t definitely a bad camera. We just think that you can get the same peculiarities for a fraction of the cost and sometimes better peculiarities for less. One circumstance we will say is that these cameras are unusually easy to set up.

The Good:

Sharp& clear daytime video Very easy to install Completely wireless Connects with many other inventions Multiple dominance alternatives

The Bad:

Narrow field of view Requires cloud storage Delayed registers Sub-par two-way audio

Does the Ring Stick Up get Stuck Up?

So how bad is the action delay on the new Ring camera? Well with the camera set up on a driveway for example, you’d be get luck to recognize someone’s face at all most of the time. The delay on the Stick Up cam actually seems a little worse when compared to its sibling buzzer camera. That means that someone can easily jump across the cameras field of regard before any video is captured at all. Well at least you’ll be getting a notification on your phone, right?

The Ring Stick Up camera does have a notification facet that advises you of any fluctuation in its fields of vision, which is nice, but it doesn’t always seem to work. When it does work, it generally takes about 10 seconds from the contest to the notification and it rarely actually captivates anything useful.

This delay is also questionable with the live see feature of the stick up cam. With the flow stall and the mobile alert delay, it’s very unlikely that you will have a live video feed in time to actually do anything about it. With the doorbell camera the person is standing in an expected site, so it’s not a huge publish to have to wait a few seconds before the video pops up of who is at the door, but for the stick up camera from a home protection peculiarity it makes the camera pretty much useless. Another thing to note is that the live video feature will drain your camera practice faster.

Configuration& Power

Ring contributed an interesting configuration protection boast that I’m not really sure was necessary in stirring you be visible to the camera in order to save and configuration changes. I get that you wouldn’t demand a certificate camera that are able hacked, but it seems like they could have found a better channel to solve that without impeding me from changing mounting while I’m at work on or vacation.

The Ring Stick Up Cam comes parcelled with a 5,200 mAh artillery and is supposed to last-place up to 12 months on a single commission. The actually battery life of these cameras is somewhere 2-3 months, less if you’re exerting the live examine aspect or have the predisposition settles too high.


On the bright side, these cameras do have the option to be powered by either the included 13 ft USB power cable or a solar panel( sold separately for about $45 ). Admittedly, this is a pretty cool peculiarity and exposes some of the inventive thinking that got the Ring cameras in the spotlight in the first place.

The Bottom Line

These cameras are not frightful, but you’re probably better off going with Arlo or Nest cameras. If you’re would be interested to connect your cameras to a dwelling security system, consider get a defence consultation with Protect America. With Protect America you are able to has already been of your residence certificate pre-configured and sent to your entrance in exactly a few epoches. Get a free quote online or call today!

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