Pastor Jamal Bryant has pulled out his own journal of receipts after he was smashed on The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion. His live stream rant comes after Monique Samuels accused him of dating another woman while he was dating Gizelle Bryant.

When season five started, fans were amazed to learn that Gizelle was trying her hand at a rekindled adventure with her ex-husband Jamal Bryant. She was transparent in earlier seasons about all the cheating she endured during their marriage despite him toiling as a rector. She admitted that her husband had even chiselled on her with women in the gathering. When she shared that they got back together, the other housewives, as well as the couple’s three daughters and Gizelle’s father, all performed skeptical about their reconciliation due to their disfigured past and the long-distance status of their relationship. Not merely does Jamal live in Atlanta while Gizelle and their daughters live in Potomac, but Jamal also has a number of other children with other women. According to Gizelle’s father, Jamal has “6 or 7 babe mamas.” After being separated from the madams for most of the season following her fight with Candiace Dillard, Monique came to the reunion with a book of receipts that she referred to while publishing out a scathing read against Gizelle and her “pastor boyfriend” Jamal.

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As a well-known pastor at a mega-church in Atlanta, Jamal couldn’t let Monique to exactly tarnish his specify without a response. The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church leader took to his Instagram Live on Wednesday where he announced out Monique and her husband Chris Samuels in a 25 -minute video rant. Merry Christmas, everybody. Joy to the world, ” he said during the early stages of the video. He then gathered out his own binder of receipts similar to the one Monique had at the reunion. Nonetheless, everything he claimed against the Bravo star and her former NFL player husband didn’t come from his journal of receipts. Instead, he appeared to speak off the cuff and share claims that Chris suffers from CTE due to his times in the NFL and that he is verbally abusive towards his wife. “Monique Samuels I’ve never filled. Never shook her entrust, never been in the chamber with her and hitherto, she’s assassinated my courage with rage and antagonism, ” Jamal said as captured by All About The Tea. He went on to address the now infamous name Monique announced him at the reunion that had everyone talking.

“I’ve got to address this because on national, international television, you labeled me a’ Holy Whore, ’” he replied. “I’m not sleeping with any woman in my church. I have not yet been babes in my religion. I have no inappropriate rapport with any woman in my church.” He too revealed that Monique’s anger toward Gizelle stanches from a rumor she imagines his ex-wife started about her. “I understand what the enmity was about. You wanted to redirect because you thought a tale was getting ready to break that your baby is from your coach, ” he dished. “That’s what got your husband upset because he recalled Gizelle spilt it. I want to tell you, Monique and Chris, it is not Gizelle who seeped it but your best friend GiGi. We had nothing to do with it.”

He went on to explain why he appeared on the register saying it was his “baby steps of reconciliation with Gizelle” that had contributed to him being filmed. “I agreed to be on it, against my better judgment, against my wisdom, and even against my beliefs, ” he said before conveying his repent with going on the establish. “I wholeheartedly repent participating. And I want you to know that I will NEVER be on the’ Housewives of Potomac’or anything in that dealership ever again. It has been a gross misrepresentation of my reference, my ministry and my humanhood.” Monique has since responded to Jamal’s alleges announcing them a ring-binder full of lies.

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Source: Muriel H, All About The Tea

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