Love her or hate her, the truth is that onetime Real Housewives of Beverly Hills housewife Brandi Glanville lives rent-free in the minds of numerous. Known for her take-no-prisoners attitude and for incessantly paying lip service to the truth , no matter how gravely she raged former bestie Lisa Vanderpump in the process, Brandi Glanville remains one of the most memorable housewives to have ever graced the RHOBH cast. While it remains to be seen whether or not Brandi will return for a future season of RHOBH, a recent Instagram pole by the reality TV stellar has left followers wondering if she are likely to be prosecuting an acting job next.

The news comes on the ends of a recent episode of Brandi’s podcast “Brandi Glanville Unfiltered” in which her and her co-host Ryan sat down with actor Chi Muoi Lo to discuss the acting business. In foretell the episode on her Instagram, Brandi wrote that she was thinking of taking Lo’s course on acting in order to start her movie job, even toying with the relevant recommendations that her co-host could be her producer. While it’s possible that Brandi was being flippant, it’s not difficult to imagine the RHOBH alum go her talents to the silver screen.

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Given how eclectic of a ability Brandi has proving to be, starting a podcast and writing two best-selling records, it exclusively obliges sense that she would shoot her shot in the acting business. After all, the onetime housewife previously has a couple of film approvals to her specify, making cameo appearances in Sharknado 4 and The Hungover Games, a 2014 spoof of the pop Hangover movies.

Considering her suspect circumstance with Denise Richards and her longstanding if bumpy friendship with fellow ex-housewife and acclaimed child actress Kim Richards, Brandi already has more proximity to the acting business than most people could even dream of having.

Whether or not Brandi is serious about take her world Tv knacks and reputation to the big screen, it is undeniable that a movie peculiarity her would be a real treat for Real Homemaker of Beverly Hills fans. Since the ever-busy Brandi has already realized her distinguish on the literary and podcasting lives, it feels like it’s about term for her to take a stab at show business. Plus, she has the opportunity to enlist the help of her pal Kim Richards, whose performing ordeal is unrivaled in the Real Housewives world for playing tips-off and cursors, a advantage that most acting apprentices would kill for.

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Source: Brandi Glanville/ Instagram

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