NeNe Leakes has been out for retaliation since announce her leaving from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her recent tirade against major structures like Bravo have numerous fans studying she labeled Andy Cohen a ‘sociopath.SSSS

Many supporters were outraged and disheartened when NeNe announced her exit from RHOA back in September. She had been a star on the register since season one and became a fan favorite over the years. Her cut-throat tell it like it is personality invariably targeted her at the center of the drama on the picture. She also is one of the only housewives in the franchise’s history to get divorced and remarried on the indicate . But after 14 times, NeNe shared how flunked contract dialogues led to her parting routes with the network. While numerous presupposed it was an brotherly agreement and NeNe would possibly make appearances on the show in the future, the Swagg Boutique owner followed up her retirement by launching a recent boycott against major media companies and their alleged mistreatment of women of color.

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On Monday, NeNe continued her outburst against Bravo by seemingly calling out one of the head honcho at the network. In a series of Instagram Story posts she shared two video excerpts of a lion walking around a line or autoes parked on the street. “That sociopath spawning sure he’s the only one that gets to reflect, ” she captioned the first time, as captured by All About The Tea. In the second clip, she added, “Everyone is manipulated.” The letters came one week after the OG housewife asked fans to join her in a boycott against Bravo.

After seemingly referring to Cohen as a “sociopath, ” she took her tirade to Twitter where she announced our former homemaker Kim Zolciak-Biermann. “How sarcastic is it that all the ORIGINAL BLACK housewives were all reduced, and the ONLY WHITE housewife promoted and still working today! Just food for thought, ” NeNe wrote. But one devotee reacted telling NeNe how “rich and famous” Bravo realise her. “Someone help me out here. @NeNeLeakes is calling for a boycott of @BravoTV, who moved her rich and prominent. For over 11 times, ” the fan wrote. “Then she had a mental breakdown on camera, and all the women turned on her. But she is accusing them of what? Racism? Y’all help me out. @Andy, ” the fan queried while tagging Andy Cohen. However, NeNe responded by saying, “I prepared them rich and famous.”

Just the week before, NeNe shared a link to a petition calling out Bravo for “unfair and biased care the government has exposed towards their African American talent, more specifically NeNe Leakes and Mariah Huq.” As we move into a new time, it’s clear that NeNe is not going down without a fight.

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Source: All About The Tea

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