A new WandaVision advertisement imagines a retro form of the series’ third occurrence, “Now in Color, ” as a riff on iconic fright movie Rosemary’s Baby. The escapade follows up on the cliffhanger from the second episode when Wanda realizes that she is pregnant. It’s no normal maternity, though, as Wanda velocities through nine months of carrying a baby in time thirty minutes. By the end of the chapter, Wanda has given birth to twinneds and she and Vision are celebrating their newfound parenthood.

Similarly, Rosemary’s pregnancy is by no means ordinary, either. Based on the tale of the same name by Ira Levin, Rosemary’s Baby follows Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse, played by Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes, respectively. The marry moves into a mysterious apartment building in New York City and, when Rosemary becomes pregnant, her eclectic neighbors take a strange interest in her maternity. The movie ends with Rosemary discovering that she has given birth to Satan’s son through ritualistic means and it’s safe to say that she is less than thrilled.

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A brand-new sign, made by Butcher Billy, seamlessly blends the two together for one ghoulish sign. Wanda is in her comic-accurate costume and the green of the original Rosemary’s Baby sign is replaced with color red for Scarlet Witch. The silhouette of a baby carriage is below Wanda’s face and the designation is replaced with “Wanda and Vision’s Baby( ies ). ” The advertisement is also made to look as if it has been folded up, paying it that additional retro vibe to emulate the era of the 1960 s, when the original film came out.

The poster is a perfect blend of the otherworldly horror creeping in at the leading edge of WandaVision and the domestic bliss Wanda and Vision feel from their new capacity as mother and parent. Of trend, that evil loiter in the darkness won’t stay hidden forever and as WandaVision moves into its final few occurrences, Wanda is sure to face the reality of her place. That world may indicate whether or not her children are actually real, whether or not Vision is really alive( he’s more than likely not ), and just how Wanda got into this situation in the first place.

That’s one of the biggest questions of WandaVision, after all. Is the increasingly creepy suburb of Westview a create of Wanda’s obliging, or something much more sinister? Many would posit it’s the latter. Philosophies abound as to who is actually in control of the goings-on in WandaVision and one theory ties perfectly into the Rosemary’s Baby-inspired posting. Some followers are of the view that Mephisto is behind the scenes, attracting all the strings. The MCU’s own version of the ogre, Mephisto is an evil presence that fucks with the MCU’s heroes’ foreman. In the comics, Wanda also inadvertently organizes her twins out of pieces of his soul. Just like in Rosemary’s Baby, WandaVision may or may not have just feed fans to the literal spawn of Satan.

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