Prominent republicans are propagandizing plot speculations about the death of Christopher Sign, the reporter who has broken the story about Bill Clinton’s contentious secret tarmac assemble with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch in 2016 while Hillary Clinton was being investigated for using a private email server. Sign passed away this weekend. Sovereignties are investigating the 45 -year-old’s death as a suicide.

Donald Trump Jr. and Rep. Lauren Boebert( R-Colo .) have already been shed the tragedy as a “Clinton Body Count” conspiracy.

On Instagram, Trump asked if his adherents had “seen so many suicide concurs ever.”

Boebert made a similar suggestion on Twitter.

“Why is it that so many who cross the Clinton Crime Syndicate end up dead? ” she captioned a time of Sign on Fox& Friends a duet years ago talking about death threats he received after reporting on the Clinton-Lynch meeting.

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Other large, Republican-leaning details stirred the same implication that the Clintons were somehow involved.

“Just the reporter who broke the Bill Clinton/ Loretta Lynch confidential tarmac fulfill. Good-for-nothing to see here. I’m sure it’s time a co-occurrence, ” John Cardillo tweeted sarcastically.

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Many pushed back against rumors that Sign’s death was anything but suicide.

“Why is it that the older I get more people I know die? ” reads one comment on Boebert’s tweet.

The conspiracy philosophies about Sign’s death are similar to those about both Jeffrey Epstein and Seth Rich’s assassinate. Epstein committed suicide in a jail cell; many have insisted that he was actually murdered.

Rich was slain in an evident fraud endeavor in 2016. Reactionaries wasted times falsely claiming that he was killed for leaking the Democratic National Committee emails to WikiLeaks.

Rich’s family subsequently sued some who spread this rumor, including Fox News, which retracted its reporting and adjudicated with Rich’s parents in 2020. Another plot theoretician who spread such lies apologized and recanted his statements earlier this year as part of a settlement in such cases brought by Rich’s brother.

It appears that conservatives are now endeavoring to give Sign’s untimely fatality the same conspiracy theory treatment.

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