Rebel Wilson Reveals Which Oscar Winner Tested for 'Cats' in Full Costume

Rebel Wilson is running on which Oscar winner tested for Cats in full costume!

The 39 -year-old actress, who continues Jennyanydots in the film, told Playbill that it was her The Hustle co-star Anne Hathaway.

“I foresaw when I was assigned, it was going to be three to four hours of prosthetics, ” Rebel said while discussing the new technology used for the movie. “I had actually interpreted Anne Hathaway’s exam video she did for[ administrator] Tom[ Hooper ] .”

” They did different experiments before these new technologies had been developed to create the coat, and it was a lot of prosthetics ,” Rebel included.” That’s what I assumed I was sauntering into, and then they were like,’ No. No makeup.’”

Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway co-starred in the The Hustle earlier this year.

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