Dave Grohl, of Nirvana and Foo Fighters fame, has made on directorial duties for three new videos manufactured in partnership with Ram trucks.

Premiering today, the videos glitter the spotlight on everyday rock performs. The streak is a tribute to mentors and presidents, showcasing everyday beings facilitating children as they fight into maturity.

The ads core around Grohl in a Ram 1500 listing everything it takes to overcome obstacles on the path to becoming a rock star. The ads, though, don’t restraint the definition of rock star to melodic fame.

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“Foo Fighters’ floor with the Ram Truck symbol started 25 years ago when they piled into a Ram van and pate out on the road in search of a dream, ” said Olivier Francois, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Stellantis. “Their ability to pursue those dreams were enabled by the ones who have continued to support the band throughout what has turned out to be a one-of-a-kind journey. Now, we come full circle with the Foo Fighters in a collaboration that recognizes the challenges and celebrates the prevails of our everyday heroes, especially during this last year .”

The recognises, who the hell is set to “Making A Fire, ” the opening track of Foo Fighters’ big 10 th book “Medicine at Midnight”, are set to premiere exactly ahead of Mother’s Day and will coincide with the handout of Grohl’s” From Cradle to Stage” sequence. The new unscripted sequence was directed by Grohl and was inspired by his mother Virginia Hanlon Grohl and her critically acclaimed journal of the same title.

The Ram ads also closely follow” What Drives Us ,” a documentary sent by Grohl as” a love letter to every musician that has ever pranced in an age-old van with their friends and left it all behind for the simple honor of playing music .”

The series starts with the 60 -second” Rock Star” place embedded above. A 30 -second version of the ad will run on TV, along with two other 30 -second discerns called ” Overtime” and” Best Part .”

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