PUBG Mobile players can now grab the Season 5 Royal Pass from today.

The Season 5 Royale Pass is now available for PUBG Mobile on the App Store and Google Play alongside the free 0.10.5 update.

PUBG Mobile’s newest pass come here for fee outfits, additional emotes, articulation dominates, and more.

Ranked Mode Season 5 with additional rewards is included with the pass, and classic utter bids are back.

Today’s update included the MK4 7 burst and single-fire abuse rifle and a brand-new laser sight.

Here’s everything included with today’s update 😛 TAGEND

This month’s PUBG MOBILE update also includes these new key features 😛 TAGEND

New Royale Pass and Ranked Mode- Musicians can pick up the Royale Pass Season 5 to experience payment clothes, emotes and participate in the Ranked Mode Season 5 with additional rewards New Weapon and Attachment- The MK47 burst and single-fire assault rifle is now available for actors along with an all-new laser perception to help reduce spread when burning from the hip Classic Voice Commands- “Get in the car” never sounded so sweet. Players now have the option of selecting” Classic” voice command alternatives in the lays menu Gameplay Improvements- Various in-game settings and informs have been performed for actors, including supermarket adjustments, accessing gives from the prime menu, and much more.

Since release, PUBG Mobile has insured 200 downloads and had 30 million concurrent consumers worldwide.

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