PSA: Noah Centineo will absolutely destroy you in a water fight

There are certain things we all know to be good advice: Never work with children or animals, never get involved in a land war in Asia, and never start a water struggling with a teenage heartthrob.

Noah Centineo, the official internet boyfriend of 2018, probably went on The Tonight Show to promote To All The Boys 2, but there is no way the forthcoming Netflix sequel is as solely fulfilling as watching him repeatedly flood an increasingly annoyed Jimmy Fallon with cold water.

What’s the best bit of this? Is it Centineo’s gleeful smiling as he flings glasses all over the host’s fancy suit — starting with the groin? Fallon’s barely camouflaged, maybe quite genuine, spluttering bothering at being so comprehensively rinsed? The fleck where the robbed lapel mics audibly squelch and vanish smothered and the pair glance like naughty children around, I’m assuming, half a dozen wincing hubbub techs? Read more …

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