The persistent blow of Christine Blasey Ford is being celebrated and preserved in record with a strong and distressing Time cover.

For Time’s Oct. 15 publish, the magazine’s window-dressing features direct paraphrases from Ford’s testimony, arranged to create the image of the memorable posture Ford contained while making her covenant before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Sept. 27. Ford has accused Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s pick for a fanny open on the U.S. Supreme court, of sexual assault.

Quotes like, “I’m here today not because I want to be, ” “I couldn’t not make love, ” and “I’m used to being collegial, ” and single messages spoken like “claustrophobia” and “anxiety” make up Ford’s skin, hair, and attire in the image created by John Mavroudis, a San Francisco-based artist. Read more …

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