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Brooklyn indie-rockers Pom Pom Squad have shared a hazy brand-new single titled’ Until It Stops’, property the coming week as the most recent in Spotify’s Fresh Discovery series.

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The track was produced by Sarah Tudzin- frontwoman for Californian punk organization Illuminati Hotties– who the band had previously worked with on their introduction book,’ Death Of A Cheerleader’. It comes as the band’s first chunk of fabric to follow the album, which landed back in June via City Slang.

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In a press release, frontwoman Mia Berrin referred to’ Until It Stops’ as “[ her] copy of a boozing song”. She continued: “I’m not much of a partier but I’m in my early 20 s so whenever I turn away an invite to go out I “re going through” an internal exchange wondering if I’m missing my youth.

“Then, when I actually do go out, I get embarrassing and then I drink too much and kept my hoof in my opening and go home with all my makeup under my attentions. At the time I wrote this I was thinking about those super sugary society anthems of the 2000 s that always seemed to mention dancing and demise in the same line- there is this strange morbid connection between partying and mortality.”

On her role as make, Tudzin lent: “Working with Pom Pom Squad is such a pleasure- Mia is so full of stupendous ideas that all point toward building a cohesive macrocosm. Her art and self-expression are unparalleled- when it’s time to reached the studio we have all the time in the world to play with production and recording tricks to best implement her vision.”

Illuminati Hotties secreted their own brand-new book, ‘Let Me Do One More’, back in October via Tudzin’s recently-minted Snack Shack Tracks label, an imprint of Hopeless Records.

Earlier in its first year, Berrin performed as part of the NME Home Sessions series, performing the’ Death Of A Cheerleader’ cuts’ Head Cheerleader’ and’ Cherry Blossom’. Performing from a warped, retro set-up in her Brooklyn home, Berrin played the lines solo on a blue-blooded Stratocaster.

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