In 2016, Prashant Janadri and Naveen Ramachandran propelled FeedMyPockets, a Bengaluru-based startup that helped students find the title part-time and temporary jobs, causing them exposure to new careers.

But, after the eruption of the COVID-1 9 pandemic, the duo saw increasing layoffs, furloughs, funding crunches, and other job-related problems in the country.

Prashant tells YourStory,” We took it as a gilded time to rethink, re-innovate, re-transform, and rebrand the produce by gauge the aftermath of COVID-1 9.”

The team realised that businesses were going lean post-COVID-1 9. Even after the lockdown, with works moving to their hometowns, companies were facing difficulties in their ply order and fulfilment.

” We figured out this question and as soon as Lockdown 1.0 dissolved, we started building a framework on how to help enterprises and ventures in quick outsourcing and fulfilment of employees ,” Prashant says.

That’s why FeedMyPockets swiveled its business framework, and renamed itself Taskmo.

TaskmoThe pivot

FeedMyPockets was solving the problem of how companies can manage their temp faculty consuming the WhatsApp module to allocate points and racetrack laborers.

” It was more operation-driven, but it helped us in achieving successful lawsuit studies in the initial periods ,” Prashant says.

On the other hand, Taskmo is a B2B gig marketplace that uses a digital-first approach in screening, improve, deploying, and coping employees. It facilitates companionships outsource on-ground, functional tasks to distributed gig proletarians in’ pay-based-task’ modules and hire gig employees in hourly, monthly, and full-time capacities in’ pay-per-hire’ modules.

” We faced a lot of difficulties in construct the concoction for remote task culture as we ever used to work in an office environment and make improve makes a lot of R& D and iterations. In the initial epoches of lockdown, we had problems with resources, internet equipment, and infrastructure but we ever shot the deadline to bring the best B2B produce and we did that in 45 eras ,” Prashant adds.


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How Taskmo facilitates clients

The platform offers a science pairing algorithm that helps filter the exercise pond. The exercise team exert digital KYC for background checks and AI-driven training modules and evaluation. Geo-based algorithms have been used to track the workers demographically.

Taskmo gives fellowships have a lean team by outsourcing work to gig works.

Companies can compensate based on duties. They can also choose to hire for the long term without an interrogation and follow-up hurdles. In these cases very, companies can pay either based on the months for the chore, or at one time.

Taskmo promotions gig laborers avail instantaneous chores, as well as digital train.


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The sell

India’s gig economy is fast growing. An ASSOCHAM report in January 2020 said the Indian gig economy would proliferate at a CAGR of 17 percent touching $455 billion by 2023. Some of the participates in the gap include UpMate, Freelancer, and others, but they are focused on individual workers.

Google is also apparently experimenting its give crowdsourcing app Task Mate in India, which will be allowed to useds to do a task and earn money.

” At Taskmo, companies can submit their fulfilment entreaty really in five minutes and our TAT( turn around day) is just five hours. We started working with enterprises like Wipro, Amazon, Jiomart, ITC, Udaan, Bigbasket, Yulu, Rapido, Bounce, Dunzo, Blackbuck, livspace, Grofers and many more ,” says Prashant.

He says nearly a million gig workers and more than 150 fellowships have signed up with Taskmo.

” We likewise started recovering our enterprises to 70 -8 0 percent by August and are expecting to reach more than 200 percentage swelling in next financial year as companionships are opening up and they all need fulfilment and supply series assist ,” says Prashant.

YourStory’s Pivot and Persist series spotlights Indian startups that are rotating to seize brand-new business opportunities, transforming their business mannequins, and provides to navigate the current COVID-1 9 crisis.

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta

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