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Silver fox and daytime Tv dreamboat Philip Schofield had a bit of a anxiety on This Morning this morning, January 17, after he and fellow legion Holly Willoughby tried some cannabis-based products.

Philip and Holly were hosting a segment on the health benefits of CBD- cannabidiol- infused palatable products.

There were lip creams, beers, gummy sweets and croissants among the CBD produces, which the presenters were freely folding into under the assumption that, of course, there would be no psychoactive influences from the CBD.

Alice Beer was also presenting the segment and, after Phil had devoured a croissant with 5mgs of CBD in it, as well as a marshmallow, she revealed that the sugared had affected her when she tried one the darknes before.

She said 😛 TAGEND

I had one last night, went out to walk the dog in the pour rainwater. The dog hid under a tree and I was taking selfies in the swarm downpour and I saw,’ Oh, that’s quite nice !’

Sounds like a ordinary night to me, but whatever.

Philip, clearly fretted his own rain-soaked selfies will go viral – why would they not ?!- seem concerned the cannabis-based food he’d merely eaten would then have a detrimental effect on the rest of his day.

He said:

I have a really, really busy afternoon. I’ve tasted everything there is!

You said it was going to have no effect!

After the disruption, Schofield too disclosed he had belittled a pair more CBD gummy sweeteneds, and when Alice said’ have a good afternoon’ he responded:’ I almost certainly will !’

I reckon he will as well , not because of the CBD or anything, but- being Philip Schofield- how could Philip Schofield ever have a bad afternoon? I really can’t imagine it.

You can watch it here 😛 TAGEND

Eating some of chef Phil Vickery’s chicken soup eventually in the prove, Schofield wondered if the CBD was still having an effect on him, maybe it reached the soup perceive better, who knows.

As ever with Holly and Phil though, you are able to chalk this one up as merely another everyday know-how for the daytime TV legions. Neither of them are strangers to living a little dangerously, with a picture of Phil’s plate of’ cocaine ‘, departing viral recently. As well as Holly’s humorous drunken telephone call to her presenting pal.

Like I said, being Philip Schofield- or, in fact, any This Morning presenter- how could you not have a good afternoon?

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