In the market for ‘Pro’ earbuds and can’t decide between the OnePlus Buds Pro or Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro? For Android useds looking for a pair of high-quality wireless earbuds, this is a decision numerous people are bound to be faced with. Both OnePlus and Samsung have a lot to offer with their respective buds, seeing the decision of which to buy a daunting challenge.

Samsung has been trying its hand at wireless earbuds for quite some time. The fellowship firstly entered the market in 2016 with the Gear IconX, and since then, it’s exhausted countless brand-new models to try and perfect its formula. The Galaxy Buds Pro debuted in January 2021 as Samsung’s most competent wireless earbuds to date, and in the months following their release, they’ve done an excellent job living up to that. By comparison, OnePlus has only been in the true wireless niche since July 2020. Its first liberate with the OnePlus Buds was fine, but with the OnePlus Buds Pro, OnePlus seems to have really felt its stride.

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Taking a look at the OnePlus Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds Pro, the design is pretty different between the two. OnePlus clearly took a lot of insight from Apple with its earbuds, favoring a branch blueprint and simple white-hot and black color alternatives. The Galaxy Buds Pro furrow the stanch for a much more compact contour, and are among either black, silver, or violet. Abroad, the hardware between the two is pretty similar. The OnePlus Buds Pro have an IP55 dust/ water-resistance rating, the Galaxy Buds Pro are backed by an IPX7 one, and both peculiarity suggestion gestures for on-ear playback powers. The bill contingencies too have a lot in common, with OnePlus and Samsung each offering USB-C cabled charging and Qi wireless support.

Similarities between the OnePlus Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds Pro carry over to other aspects of the earbuds. Both are equipped with 11 mm motorists for high-quality audio, in addition to Dolby Atmos( with supported content ). Both earbuds also tout active noise cancellation to block circumvent background seems, but merely the Galaxy Buds Pro duet that with a transparency procedure to have the reverse effect — increasing the sound of the environmental issues to make it sound like someone isn’t wearing earbuds at all. That’s not a deal-breaker in OnePlus’s suits, but it is an edge Samsung’s earbuds have. Furthermore, the Galaxy Buds Pro can switch between ANC and its transparency mode automatically. If someone has ANC enabled but then starts talking, clarity procedure is switched on so such person or persons can hear their conversation.

In regards to battery life, this is where the OnePlus Buds Pro come out ahead. With ANC disabled, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro can previous for up to 28 hours includes the blaming occurrence. The OnePlus Buds Pro crank that numeral up to 38 hours, and after a rapid 10 -minute charge when placed in the case and plugged in with the USB-C cable, an additional 10 hours of use is added to the earbuds. The OnePlus Buds Pro are supportive of Google Fast Pair for seamless connecting with most modern Android devices, where the Galaxy Buds Pro exclusively have automatic pairing when used with another Samsung device.

Last but certainly not least, there’s the premium. The OnePlus Buds Pro go on sale in September for $149. The Galaxy Buds Pro have a retail price of $199, but they can often be found on sale for $169 or less. Given how similar in payment the earbuds are, deciding which to buy comes down to what someone values “the worlds largest” in their wireless earbuds. For the person that wants the longest battery life and improbably fast accuse, the OnePlus Buds Pro multitude a big swipe. By comparison, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro deliver a more compact pattern, smarter ANC, a transparency state, and stronger water resistance. Some beings may not reflect those things are worth an extra $ 50, but specially when the Galaxy Buds Pro are dismissed, they’re arguably the better purchase of the two.

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