In honor of One Piece’s 1000 th bout, Fathom Events is releasing One Piece Film: Strong World-wide in U.S. theaters for the first time on Nov. 7( English dub) and Nov. 9( English sub ). In honour of the theatrical secrete, we’re revisiting the movie. Review by Brittany Vincent.

There’s loadings of enjoyable with Strong World as you participate the Straw Hats on one of their grandest escapades hitherto. From the fearsome hitherto braggart Shiki, the Golden Lion to the hordes of animals our plagiarist exponents must be addressed, there’s a little something for every One Piece fan now. It’s a proper adventure in the purest impression of the word, from the collections of series-appropriate humor to the impeccably animated campaigned panoramas peppered throughout. And for Nami followers, there’s plenty of feeling payoff when it comes to deciphering bits and pieces of her past, all the while she’s thwarting the normal girl in distress trope.

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