Part three of a series of wanders to the big astronomical observatories of this planet. La Palma, a beautiful and remote island of the Canary Islands is home to one of the worlds biggest and most diverse observatories. The “Roque de los Muchachos Observatory” contains jointly the telescopes and the means of about 60 establishments from more than 20 countries. But beside the modern, scientific research that is being done here, this target too as a rich record of the native population as locate to observe the stars. Petroglyphs confirm that there have been astronomical observations thousands of years ago already.

Filmed and revised by Martin Heck: / Filmed for the documentary “Star Stuff” by Milad Tangshir( milad.tangshir @gmail. com ). Check out the trailer: watch? v= F7Vp5waD4i8 Produced by Davide Ferrario: produzioni.htm Music: by Generdyn martinheck

Shot in Summer of 2016 on the Island of La Palma

GEAR: Cameras: Sony A7RII, Sony A7s, Canon 6D Lenses: Zeiss Otus 28 mm f1. 4, Zeiss Milvus 35 mm f2, Tamron 15 -3 0mm f2. 8, Canon 11 -2 4mm f4, Canon 70 -2 00 m f4, Canon 24 -1 05 mm f4 Motion-Control: eMotimo Spectrum ST4, Dynamic Perception Stage Zero slider Edited in LRTimelapse, Lightroom, After Effects and Davinci Resolve

Cast: Martin Heck | Timestorm Films

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