Hard to believe, but we’re finally now- launch day for Operencia: The Stolen Sun! On behalf of all of us at Zen Studios who have poured our hearts and souls into this first-person vault crawler for the last two years, I’d like to invite you to check out our opening trailer…and then perhaps move on to playing the whole recreation with Xbox Game Pass! It’s likewise available for $29.99 on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One.

Operencia: The Stolen SunOperencia: The Stolen Sun

I stroked on it in a longer post about the game a few weeks ago, but being part of the Xbox Game Pass platform is a dream come true for everyone here at Zen. We realize that restoring a subgenre that piqued in the’ 80 s and’ 90 s might not place Operencia on the top of your must-buy directory , no matter how great it is( and we do think it’s pretty great !). But when it’s right there at no additional cost with your Xbox Game Pass subscription…why not give it a try? We hope that the easy access to our modernised approach to the old-school “blobber” will not only get more parties to play the game( and that’s what we want most of all !), but perhaps its success will even provoke other developers to further revitalize such games with their own unique spins.

Operencia: The Stolen SunOperencia: The Stolen Sun

Of course, the most difficult “unique spin” of our own would be the Central European mythology and folklore that spurred the names and characters. With Zen being based in Hungary, an added degree of the regions pride drives every aspect of this competition, and we hope that sheens through. I’m personally an American, but working on this has informed me on the area’s lighthearted folktales, enchanting mythology, and even some lores that are so darkly twisted, you really have to wonder what kind of demented knowledge dreamed them up.

Operencia: The Stolen SunOperencia: The Stolen Sun

It’s an strange desegregate- but a very delightful one! We have them all in Operencia … And we can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it.

So please, cause us know at @OperenciaRPG on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and visit our website at www.OperenciaRPG.com. But most importantly…get to downloading the game with your Game Pass right now!

Operencia: The Stolen Sun is accessible now on Xbox One with Xbox Game Pass. Click now for more details.

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