Many parties frequent cars and coffee events to hang out with fellow petrolheads, talk about their favorite topic and, why not, expose their rides.

We do not know if it’s something of a tradition to do a burnout, impetu, or any other kind of showing-off when exit, though. Likely not, but numerous seem to feel it is essential to do so and, quite frequently, it all ends up in tears.

These two excerpts were filmed at a recent automobiles and coffee contest in Scottsdale, Arizona. The first shown in the move of a light lettuce Nissan 350 Z trying to kick out the tail of his sports car while surrounded by other vehicles.

Shortly after sweeping through an intersection filled with spectators, the 350 Z driver appears to thumped down a gear and starts straying, seemingly in an attempt to light up the backside tires. However, he soon losses dominance and roughly flings into a Chrysler Crossfire and Hyundai Genesis Coupe driving next him. It’s hard to tell from the footage, but the Nissan driver may have been fortunate enough to escape without damaging his sports car too much.

As for the second time, it shows the driver of a ruby-red Mazda RX-8 abruptly accomplishing a U-turn at a organize of traffic lights. The operator advances to punch the accelerator as he makes the turn and before he even has the time to correct his steer, the RX-8 movies back the other road and slides straight into a inhibit, approximately making with it a number of pedestrians.

Sometimes it pays to be safe rather than sorry- and pulling such antics in a crowded arrange is emphatically not safe, so why imperil yourself and others? If you wanna have fun, find an empty space or, even better, go to a track. Public roads, especially when others are around, are not for showing off your( real or imaginary) driving knowledge.

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