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In news set to delight buddy and stoner film devotees everywhere, Jay and Silent Bob have finally been green-lit for their return, Kevin Smith has confirmed.

For the reason of nostalgia, here’s the original trailer 😛 TAGEND

Smith, the writer and actor who’ll be returning in his titular capacity alongside his old sidekick Jason Mewes as Jay, took to social media to share the great news.

The film reboot has been picked up by Saban Films and it’s going to be called Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.


In his own inimitable form coined by his most beloved persona, Smith said:

SNOOTCH TO THE REBOOTCH! Thanks to Saban Films and Universal Entertainment, #JayAndSilentBobReboot gets the green light!

He was also indicated that filming will start in New Orleans on 25 February.

Jay and Silent Bob first appeared in Salesclerks in 1994, and have since become the central figures in the sect classic and unlikely cultural phenomenon.

Then there was Clerks II in 2006, which most people prefer not to bring up.

But the duo literally and fictionally to be able to strike back with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back( 2001 ), which pictured the overgrown man-children was transformed into fledgling right fodder.

The reputations got their own video games, animated movies and live concerts. But the latest instalment could have a serious mood to it.

Smith recently told Deadline:

Last February, I nearly died. So, on the one-year anniversary of my widow producer heart attack, as a observance of living and a big ol’ F you to Death, our friend and I will be reeling cameras on a sequel/ remaking/ reboot of a movie we firstly fixed practically two decades ago!

In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, our herbal heroes found out Hollywood was making a movie based on them, so they journeyed out to Hollywood to stop it. But I’ve learned so much as a storyteller and have grown uncommonly as a filmmaker since then, so publics can expect something completely different.

But it’s still going to be meta as hell, you can rest assured.

Smith concluded 😛 TAGEND

In Jay and Silent Bob Reboot our herbal superstars find out Hollywood is making a reboot of the old-fashioned movie that was based on them, so they wander out to Hollywood to stop it again.

Can’t wait.

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