It’s been three years since we’ve examined new music from Nero , excluding their collaborative single “Dreams” with Zhu, and their 2808 EP from late last year.

On Friday, Nero affixed a ambiguous teaser video portending the coming of brand-new music, and generating an ever-eager buzz.

The 15 -second video peculiarities an animation of static twinkle across an antiquated CRT TV, with audio static gently humming beneath the resonating blips of submarine sonar. The static vanishes pitch-black, and is simply must be accompanied by “DEC 4 2018 ”.

Though we know not what to expect, on Tuesday, December 4, something is coming. And knowing Nero, it’s going to be great.

Check out the teaser video below

4. 12.18 o5nE1E6ZaR

— Nero (@ NeroUK) November 30, 2018


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‘Nero Foreshadows New Music Coming December 4, 2018

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