Australian young grease-gun Josh Giddey has become the youngest player in NBA history to compose a triple-double, but it wasn’t enough for his Oklahoma City to overcome the Dallas Mavericks.

Giddey was a shining light in the Thunder’s 86 -9 5 defeat, scoring 17 qualities, forming 13 backlashes and equipping 14 abets. The latter rating is not only a busines high-pitched, but a Thunder record.

At only 19 years and 84 daylights old-fashioned, the rising star is eight weeks younger than previous record-holder LaMelo Ball, who specified the mark in January 2021.

Josh Giddey’s historic final route 😛 TAGEND

17 points14 assists1 3 comebacks 4 steals3- 5 from 32 TOs +6 plus minus( w/ o SGA& Dort)

Best overall sport from a rookie this season.

— Brandon Rahbar (@ BrandonRahbar) January 3, 2022

Giddey also made four steals as he did everything in his dominance to lift the Thunder over the line.

It comes after six previous double-doubles for the season, including some near-misses for his girl triple-double.

Josh Giddey( 19 years, 84 eras) is now the youngest player in NBA history to record a triple-double: 17 PTS, 14 AST, 13 REB, 4 STL, 3 TO @joshgiddey: 19 -8 4LaMelo: 19 -1 40 Fultz: 19 -3 17 Luka: 19 -3 27 Lonzo: 20 -0 15 dVEvji6aDz

— (@ Ballislife) January 3, 2022

The list of players Giddey has pipped for the apportion realise for some reading; it includes current superstars Luka Doncic and LeBron James, and all-time huge Magic Johnson.

Josh Giddey is officially a very young actor in NBA history with a triple-double( 19 times, 84 eras ).

LaMelo Ball( 19 years, 140 days) Markelle Fultz( 19 years, 317 periods) Luka Doncic( 19 times, 327 days) LeBron James( 20 years, 20 periods) Magic Johnson( 20 years, 75 epoches)

— Nick Crain (@ CrainNBA) January 3, 2022

The NBA is 75 years old and more than 4380 participates have played in this league.

This 19 year old-fashioned Australian girl time became the youngest EVER to record a triple doubled. Beyond proud of you @joshgiddey ❤ XFwsrqYjPS

— Daniel Moldovan (@ AgentMoldovan) January 3, 2022

Making the undertaking even more impressive, it was his first game back after missing three competitors due to the NBA’s COVID-1 9 protocols.

Taken with pick six in the NBA draft, the youthful impression is a frontrunner for the NBA’s esteemed Rookie of the Year award.

However, it would be Mavericks star Luke Doncic, which has now been tip-off out of the top three youngest triple-double scorers by Giddey’s undertaking, who would secure victory, with 14 moments, 10 expedites and nine rebounds in the win.

Despite the loss, Giddey was clearly exhilarated with the achievement, posting to Twitter immediately afterwards.

history❤I love my team

— josh giddey (@ joshgiddey) January 3, 2022

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