Without a indecision, this has been a great year for devotees of classic British comics. Not exclusively have Rebellion published a dozen or so volumes reprinting pieces from bygone years but other publishers jump-start in more with superb accumulations! It hasn’t been easy whittling it down to five, but here are my personal selects from the past 12 months or so, in reverse fiat, of the best that I think deserve a place on your bookshelf…In 5th place…BLACK MAX. This fantastic cruelty/ fight story firstly is contained in Thunder( and later Lion and Thunder) in 1970. Narrative by Frank Pepper. Artwork by Eric Bradbury( on episode 1) and Alfonso Font, who too provided a new extend! https :// lewstringer.blogspot.com/ 2018/09/ preview-black-max-volume-1. htmlIn 4th place…KEN REID’S CREEPY CREATIONS. A marvellous hardback accumulation of Ken Reid’s full sheet villains that appeared in Shiver and Shake in 1973/74. Produced in splendid full colour.https :// lewstringer.blogspot.com/ 2018/10/ ken-reids-creepy-creations-ready-to-pre.htmlIn 3rd place…BEANO: 80 Years of Fun. Not a notebook as such, but a boxed placed of comic facsimiles and goodies. Marvellous reprintings of key issues of The Beano from the past 80 years. https :// lewstringer.blogspot.com/ 2018/07/ beano-8 0-years-of-fun-box-set. htmlIn 2nd place…MARNEY THE FOX. The exciting and psychological tale of Marney the orphaned fox baby, fighting for existence in the British country. Awesome artwork by John Stokes( who furnished a new coating) and top class writes by Scott Goodallhttps :// lewstringer.blogspot.com/ 2017/11/ review-marney-fox.html…and the champion in 1st locate is…THE POWER PACK OF KEN REID. Actually a two-book determined, although each one can be bought separately. Everyone had given up the expectations of ever picturing these rows reprinted, but thanks to the hard work and dedication of independent publisher Irmantas Povilaika, all of Ken Reid’s stunning 1960 s work for Odhams was collected into these staggering volumes. Superb reproduction throughout, and thankfully the poor colours publishing that some sheets suffered from back then ought to have produced in snappy greyscale. My favourite notebooks of its first year! https :// lewstringer.blogspot.com/ 2018/07/ review-ken-reid-his-complete-wham-smash.htmlNext on this blog, the last berth of 2018 and a classic New Year comic from the year…. wait and see!

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