The finale of Money Heist/ La Casa De Papel Season 5 Part A left us with our hearts and thoughts scooting. Now are the most interesting/ wildernes/ crazy supporter philosophies we’ve read online for the last episodes. How do you think it will end?

0:00 – Money Heist Fan Theories
0:41 – Tokyo is still alive
1:23 – Tokyo is imagining the Heist
1:36 – The Garden is Heaven
2:15 – Rafael and Tatiana are important
3:06 – Rafael and Tatiana will team up
3:46 – Rafael and the professor are related
4:29 – Alicia can’t be trusted
5:21 – The prof wasn’t lying
6:01 – Water enables us to vehicle the gold
6:43 – The golden will be exchanged for the crew
7:04 – They are not stealing gold

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The stakes couldn’t be higher for the embattled Professor as he hastens to get the gold — and most importantly, his unit — out of the bank.

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