Angel or Devil ?! Midnight Mass is the terrifying new cruelty streaks from architect Mike Flanagan( The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor, Hush ). Here is the official aiming asked, dissecting every last drop of blood from the series.

0:00 – Midnight Mass – Ending Explained
0:16 – The Angel
1:24 – Blood
2:15 – Sunlight
3:06 – Resurrection
5:02 – Baby
5:51 – Turning Evil
7:16 – Weakness
7:58 – Love
8:50 – The Spell is Broken


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Midnight Mass – Official Ending Explained | Netflix

The newcomer of a charismatic young priest delivers majestic miracles, grim riddles and restored religious ardor to a dying town desperate to believe.

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